Progress Tracker Spreadsheet

It’s no secret that I love a good Football Manager spreadsheet, so when I needed a way to track the progress of my Cadbury Athletic FC save it was a no-brainer to make one.

What I didn’t expect, however, was that other people would be interested in having one of their own!

It’s nothing fancy with loads of behind the scenes formulas, it’s a simple sheet that you can update as you progress along the seasons. You’ll have your own way of tracking, but I suggest just changing the cell colour of the achievement as shown in my tweet above.

I’ve left the spreadsheet unlocked so you can change the achievements you’re tracking if you desire, though I do hope I’ve covered most bases and, with the space to track 12 leagues and 12 cups, it should last the length of any long-term save. Be sure to tag me on Twitter in your creations!



Cadbury Athletic FC

Cadbury Athletic are an amateur club based in Birmingham, they currently play in Division 1 of the Midland League. Affiliated with Cadbury’s, they are known as The Chocolate Men.

They are also the team I’ll be playing as during FM21.

Over recent editions of FM, I’ve been guilty of flitting from one save to another – in FM20 I went through several saves and never stuck to one for more than 3 seasons.

I’ve been playing Football Manager since it was Championship Manager, so many many years, and the saves I remember most fondly are those where I spent multiple seasons at one club – my absolute favourite being FM08 where I spent 30 at Brentford!

For FM21 this was something I wanted to recreate but it needed to be the right team – I started off managing Chivas in Mexico but didn’t gel with them. I also wanted something the FM community would engage with which, from experience, is usually British based. That’s when I remembered about the amazing level 10 database from TheFMEditor.

I wish I could say there was some involved process with choosing Cadbury Athletic, or that I had a local affinity with them, but I don’t. I chose them because I like chocolate and because they play in a purple that matches my FFM logo.

It also gave me the opportunity to use the best manager name there is for a chocolate-loving Female Football Manager. So, put your hands together, and please welcome the new manager of Cadbury Athletic… Veruca Salt.

Veruca Salt - Cadbury Athletic Manager Announcement
She asked Daddy to buy her a chocolate factory, but he couldn’t afford it, so he got her an amateur football club in Birmingham instead

I won’t be using the blog to document every aspect of the save but I will be posting an end of season round-up and some milestone progress along the way. In the meantime, head over to my Twitter for more regular updates on how the save is going!

Thanks go to:

FM21 Female Staff

Comprehensive list of FM21 female staff members

There are over 2000 female staff members listed in FM21 but how many can you name?

That’s what I thought.

To remedy this, I have put together a shortlist to make them easier to find. I’ve also highlighted a few of the higher rated staff members.

How did I find female staff in FM21?

To create the shortlists I used the official FM21 Editor (21.1.3 database) which can be downloaded through Steam.

A lot will have randomly generated stats so you may find someone amazing in one save is poor in another. And vice versa.

Depending on what size database you use, not everyone will appear in your save.


Assistant Manager

Johanna Almgren | Sweden| Balanced
26 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
SWEJohanna AlmgrenBalanced35Continental A Licence
JAMBarbara BlackBalanced35Lime HallNational A Licence
ESPLaura CalvoBalanced35San MarcialNational B Licence
PORPatrícia CamposBalanced29Monte da CaparicaNational A Licence
ISRGal ChervoniBalanced38Beitar Tel-AvivContinental B Licence
JAMToni CowanBalanced27Continental C Licence
WALHannah DingleyBalanced36Forest GreenContinental Pro Licence
TURDuygu ErdoganResolute31Continental A Licence
IRLLisa FallonProfessional43Continental Pro Licence
SWESara HäggströmFairly Sporting40National B Licence
SYRMaha JanoudBalanced34National C Licence
SWEEva LambertssonBalanced53Hudiksvalls FFContinental C Licence
NOREli LandsemBalanced57Continental Pro Licence
TRIDernelle MascallResolute31National B Licence
ITASelena MazzantiniBalanced46MonterosiContinental A Licence
ITAClaudia NasiniBalanced44SansepolcroNational B Licence
CHIPaula NavarroBalanced47Continental B Licence
ITAElena RodolfiBalanced45PergoletteseNational B Licence
CRCJimena RojasBalanced36-
GREAnthoula SavvidouBalanced35Continental C Licence
AUSKat SmithBalanced36Continental A Licence
SWECarola SöbergFairly Sporting37Örebro SKContinental B Licence
ENGSamantha TormoBalanced30TenerifeContinental A Licence
DMANadege VictorBalanced30DublancContinental C Licence
ATGKaren WarnerBalanced32Empire F.C.National A Licence
CHIRocío YáñezBalanced40National B Licence


Cecile Traverse | France | Fairly Professional
82 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
POLAleksandra AdamiecBalanced42WisłaContinental B Licence
SWEJohanna AlmgrenBalanced35Continental A Licence
PORCatarina BajancaBalanced23Estoril PraiaContinental A Licence
RUSAnna BaranovaBalanced29Continental B Licence
ENGEmma BeaugeardBalanced52Continental C Licence
JAMBarbara BlackBalanced35Lime HallNational A Licence
GERCarolin BraunBalanced34Continental A Licence
ITAIndia CalaciuraBalanced40National B Licence
ESPLaura CalvoBalanced35San MarcialNational B Licence
PORPatrícia CamposBalanced29Monte da CaparicaNational A Licence
HKGChan Yuen TingBalanced31Continental Pro Licence
TPEChang Hu-chingBalanced40Chung Shan I.C.S.-
TPEChen Ya-lingBalanced40Chung Shan I.C.S.-
TPECheng Hsia-yingBalanced38I-Shou Univ.-
ISRGal ChervoniBalanced38Beitar Tel-AvivContinental B Licence
PORHelena CostaFairly Professional41FrankfurtContinental A Licence
JAMToni CowanBalanced27Continental C Licence
SMADagmar DaalBalanced29Oualichi-
ESPLaura del RíoBalanced36Flat Earth-
RSAKeleabetwe DialeBalanced39Continental B Licence
WALHannah DingleyBalanced36Forest GreenContinental Pro Licence
NZLKatie DuncanBalanced32Eastern SuburbsContinental B Licence
TURDuygu ErdoganResolute31Continental A Licence
ISLUna EmilsdóttirBalanced32Continental B Licence
GREKaterina FalidaBalanced37Continental Pro Licence
IRLLisa FallonProfessional43Continental Pro Licence
TURFiliz AtayBalanced35Continental B Licence
BRAGleide CostaBalanced34Botafogo (PB)National A Licence
ESPSabina GonzálezBalanced34TarancónContinental B Licence
GERInka GringsResolute41Continental Pro Licence
ISLGunný GunnlaugsdóttirFairly Sporting35-
GERKatharina GüntherBalanced32DuisburgContinental B Licence
SWESara HäggströmFairly Sporting40National B Licence
SWEUlrika HedBalanced43-
ITAAngelica IvoneBalanced39TarantoContinental B Licence
SYRMaha JanoudBalanced34National C Licence
SCOShelley KerrBalanced50Continental Pro Licence
KORKim Sun-YoungBalanced37HZ CaozhouNational C Licence
SWEEva LambertssonBalanced53Hudiksvalls FFContinental C Licence
NOREli LandsemBalanced57Continental Pro Licence
ENGSarah LeachBalanced38Continental B Licence
ESPBeatriz López ArribasBalanced34At. PintoNational B Licence
TRIDernelle MascallResolute31National B Licence
COLMarcela MayaBalanced45Atlético NacionalContinental Pro Licence
ITASelena MazzantiniBalanced46MonterosiContinental A Licence
TURMerve SuBalanced32Continental C Licence
DENJane Meyer-ZeuthenFairly Sporting42Silkeborg IFNational C Licence
PORInês MiguelBalanced30CastrenseNational A Licence
TRIAhkeela MollonFairly Determined34National B Licence
ITAAmanda Giacinta MontenegroBalanced42Continental C Licence
ITAClaudia NasiniBalanced44SansepolcroNational B Licence
NEDKelsey NijssenBalanced27Continental A Licence
ESPSara OlmosBalanced33GerenaNational C Licence
SWEAnette ÖsterlingBalanced50Trosa-Vagnhärad SKNational A Licence
ITAPatrizia PanicoBalanced44Continental A Licence
RUSIrina PetrovaBalanced56-
CHNQiao QiaoBalanced39ULGB Qile-
ITAElena RodolfiBalanced45PergoletteseNational B Licence
URULeticia RodríguezBalanced35Continental B Licence
CRCJimena RojasBalanced36-
ITAGuendalina RossiBalanced32CorticellaContinental C Licence
GREAnthoula SavvidouBalanced35Continental C Licence
NEDMilou SchoonemanBalanced28Continental B Licence
ENGKatie SealyBalanced27Continental B Licence
CHNShangguan YanfeiBalanced50-
UKRNataliya ShapovalovaBalanced60SDUSOR Metalurg ZpContinental B Licence
CHNShen HuangyingBalanced47-
AUSKat SmithBalanced36Continental A Licence
ENGTania SpiceBalanced54Continental C Licence
POLEwa StellmachBalanced39Odra OpoleContinental B Licence
GERLaura Stosno-KrohnBalanced34National C Licence
ISRTzufit TadmorFairly Sporting35Hapoel Tel-AvivContinental B Licence
PORCristiana TeixeiraBalanced22Felgueiras BContinental B Licence
NOREline TorneusSporting34Continental B Licence
FRACécile TraverseFairly Professional45Continental A Licence
RSANastasia TsichlasBalanced68Continental A Licence
ITADaniela TurraBalanced42National C Licence
DMANadege VictorBalanced30DublancContinental C Licence
ATGKaren WarnerBalanced32Empire F.C.National A Licence
NEDCarla WhittieBalanced47Go AheadContinental B Licence
POLKatarzyna WójcikBalanced34LegiaContinental B Licence
CHIRocío YáñezBalanced40National B Licence

Goalkeeping Coach

Merete Johansen | Norway | Resolute
9 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
NZLJenny BindonSpirited46Continental B Licence
WALHannah DingleyBalanced36Forest GreenContinental Pro Licence
ESPElena Fernández CastañoBalanced26Unión AdarveNational B Licence
USACatherine GordonBalanced56Dayton Dutch Lions-
SWEPetra HautalahtiFairly Sporting25BKV NorrtäljeNational A Licence
NORMerete JohansenResolute48TromsøContinental B Licence
SWEMaria MadlandBalanced43Continental C Licence
SWECarola SöbergFairly Sporting37Örebro SKContinental B Licence
ITAGiorgia ZenaroBalanced40Virtus BolzanoNational B Licence

Fitness Coach

Grete Homstol | Norway | Fairly Sporting
64 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
RUSElena AfanasjevaBalanced53-
NIRJulie AlexanderBalanced36Ballymena Utd-
ITATina AluisioBalanced53-
NORHilde AmundsenBalanced45Florø-
PORCatarina BajancaBalanced23Estoril PraiaContinental A Licence
JAMTanice BarnettBalanced37Longville ParkNational C Licence
ITAMartina BellagottiBalanced44PontederaNational A Licence
ISRLee BerkovicBalanced24-
SWESofia BillgerFairly Professional28-
RUSMaria BurovaBalanced34Zenit-
NORMarion BuunkBalanced37BrannContinental A Licence
ITASilvia CaporaleBalanced32-
ITAArianna CaraBalanced30Ostia Mare-
ENGSarah CarrBalanced26Bristol Rovers-
ITAPaola De CamillisBalanced47Casalbordino-
WALHannah DingleyBalanced36Forest GreenContinental Pro Licence
ENGKatie DorsettBalanced23Knaphill-
ENGAimee EvansBalanced26Hull-
SWEMaria Franfie BenditoBalanced27Rågsveds IF-
ITAValentina GarbiBalanced36-
AUTBianca GasserBalanced31-
BULEleonora GurbanovaBalanced41DunavContinental A Licence
DENLine Andrea HansenBalanced30Esbjerg fB-
SWEElin HegestrandFairly Sporting37Norrby IF-
SWESofie HenrikssonFairly Sporting31-
ENGSally HolmesBalanced51-
SWEEmma HolmqvistSporting27-
NORGrete HomstølFairly Sporting46-
SWEJosefine HultgrenBalanced36-
ENGFrankie HunterBalanced30MiddlesbroughContinental B Licence
SWEMalin JohanssonFairly Sporting27Östersunds FK-
UKROlena KolosBalanced37Nyva Vinnytsya-
UKRYulia KrevsunBalanced39-
URUFlorencia LemusBalanced26Villa Española-
NORHelene LerbrekkFairly Sporting34Bryne-
SWESusanne LidgrenFairly Sporting51-
SWEOda Lindahl ScheiBalanced26GIF Sundsvall-
ENGCat MalcolmBalanced25Southend-
UKRMaryna MindarevaBalanced37-
GERKatharina NadermannBalanced34VerlContinental A Licence
BRANilmara AlvesBalanced38Manthiqueira-
SWETania NilssonBalanced29Djurgårdens IF-
ESPSara OlmosBalanced33GerenaNational C Licence
GREAliki PapaioannouBalanced39Thesprotos-
FINAnu PeräläFairly Loyal38JS Hercules-
FINIita PienimäkiFairly Sporting27-
ENGRachel PotterBalanced42-
SCOKaren RobertsonBalanced55Annan-
ITAElena RodolfiBalanced45PergoletteseNational B Licence
UKRVictoriya SamarBalanced47Chornomorets-2-
ITAAnnalena ScorranoBalanced33Grottaglie-
BLRAnastasiya ShlojdoBalanced27Rukh Brest-
SWEMalin SkoogBalanced31-
BLRYulia SkshinetskayaBalanced34-
FROSúsanna SkylvBalanced41B71-
LTUJolita StanevicieneBalanced45Dziugas-
RSAElsa StormBalanced60-
POLMarta Szymanek-PilarczykBalanced29Raków-
ITAMaria TedescoBalanced26Nuova Florida-
SWELina TollinFairly Sporting34Hudiksvalls FF-
BLRDiana TropnikovaBalanced33Dinamo Minsk-
SWEIda WibergBalanced29Västerås SKContinental A Licence
SWESara WoodbridgeFairly Sporting31-
POLMagdalena ŻądłoBalanced28Stal Mielec-


Silvia Ortega | Spain | Model Professional
379 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
SWECaroline AdamssonFairly Professional30Skövde AIK-
COLFrancy AlarcónBalanced24-
WALKerry AldcroftBalanced32Valley-
ESTMaari AllikmäeBalanced27Paide LM-
URUPatricia ÁlvarezBalanced50-
ANGGuilhermina AlvesBalanced32Primeiro de Agosto-
PORSara AlvesBalanced24Alegre e Unido-
PORSónia AlvesBalanced40Porto Salvo-
WALGabbie AmosBalanced22Barry-
PHIDaisyree AnarnaBalanced48-
SCOAileen AndersonBalanced31Motherwell-
SWEHelene Andersson MolinaBalanced53-
PORJoana AriosaBalanced26Abóboda-
DENKamilla ArpBalanced35-
COLIngrid AtenciaBalanced33Real Cartagena-
KAZLarisa BabenkoBalanced44-
ENGSamantha BackhouseBalanced34Hitchin-
ENGHannah BakerBalanced22Barwell-
WALGemma BamfordBalanced29Connah's Quay-
ITAElisa BarbettaBalanced41Loreo-
ENGMichaela BarnettBalanced29Brighton-
NIRJulie BarryBalanced32Warrenpoint-
ARGSilvina BaumanSpirited36Patronato-
ITASimona BertanoFairly Loyal40-
ITAGiulia BianchiniBalanced28Real Formigine-
ENGGrace BibbyBalanced21Elgin City-
SWESofia BillgerFairly Professional28-
ENGEmma BoonFairly Professional32-
SRBJela BorovinicBalanced39Radnički Nova Pazova-
SWELisa BrandénSporting26Östersunds FK-
PORSusana BravoBalanced33Leiria e Marrazes-
DENMette BrodersenBalanced38-
PORAna BrotasFairly Sporting27Lusitano Évora SAD-
SCOEilidh BrownBalanced31-
ENGVictoria BrownBalanced34-
BRABruna MelloBalanced29Loures-
ITAGiulia BucellaBalanced27-
HUNBettina BudaiBalanced25Puskás Akadémia-
RUSMaria BurovaBalanced34Zenit-
ENGElizabeth BushBalanced28-
NORMarion BuunkBalanced37BrannContinental A Licence
MEXEstefania CalderónBalanced31Mazatlán-
WALAdele CallaghanBalanced50Swansea-
ESPLaura CalvoBalanced35San MarcialNational B Licence
PORZélia CandeiasBalanced62Bencatelense-
ITAClaudia CarnevaleBalanced39-
ESPNuria CascónBalanced46-
COLIvonne CastellanosBalanced32Atlético Bucaramanga-
ESPEstela CatalánBalanced29Pedroñeras-
COLDaniela ChacónBalanced29-
FRASéverine ChapeyronBalanced38Clermont-
THADarun CharoenwongBalanced48Chumphon-
BRACilmara MorettiFairly Determined57São Paulo-
ITATeresa CioceBalanced26-
SCOAimee ClarkBalanced35-
ENGNatalie ClaytonBalanced26Bradford (PA)-
MNESladjana ColicBalanced30Iskra-
ITASilvia ColzaniBalanced25-
ITASabrina ConternoBalanced54Savona-
ENGBethan CooperBalanced26Maidstone-
ENGKatie CooperBalanced31-
ITASilvia CorbettaBalanced25Pro Sesto-
GNBSunita CorreiaBalanced22Flamengo de Pefine-
PORPatrícia CostaBalanced24Varzim-
USAKatrina CourtrightBalanced34Charlotte Eagles-
JAMJulia CousinsBalanced37-
FRAChloé CredevilleBalanced29Nice-
PORPaula CristinaBalanced35Olivais e Moscavide-
PORSusana CristinaBalanced27-
ITAMonica D'AlfonsoBalanced45Cavarzano Oltrardo-
ITALaura Dal MolinBalanced28Virtus Bolzano-
COLDiana DavidBalanced33La Equidad-
JAMAshauna DavisModel Citizen27-
ENGRachel DavisFairly Professional30Harrogate-
FRAMarine De MatosBalanced29-
FINMaria DegerlundSporting38EIF-
ITALaura Del PuppoBalanced47Vittorio Falmec-
ITAFrancesca Di PuccioBalanced36-
ITARoberta DibiscegliaBalanced25-
SRBMarija DjukelicBalanced31Grafičar-
PORAna DominguesBalanced27Vasco Gama Vidigueira-
ESPAndrea DoniciBalanced22Fuenlabrada-
GERNadine DörfelBalanced30Erzgebirge Aue-
ENGKatie DorsettBalanced23Knaphill-
ENGNatasha DoyleFairly Professional27-
JAMDr Karen JuliusFairly Ambitious47Harbour View-
AUTMartina DreerBalanced34LASK-
FRALucie DugueBalanced29Amiens-
ISLÞóra Elín EinarsdóttirFairly Sporting46-
SWEFrida EklundBalanced34-
ESPEricaBalanced39QD Huanghai-
DENTina Eriksen CrawackBalanced26B 1908-
COLKatherine EscobarBalanced30Envigado F.C.-
PORPatrícia Espírito SantoBalanced27SF Palmense-
WALFfiona EvansProfessional28Bala-
ITASara FabrisBalanced33-
HUNIldikó FejesFairly Loyal31Fehérvár-
PORSandra FernandesBalanced41Gândaras-
COLYesenia FernándezBalanced27Tigres F.C.-
PORTânia FerreiraBalanced25Amora-
HUNRéka FeszthammerBalanced44Puskás Akadémia-
SCOAlyson FieldingBalanced38-
ANDLaura Figuera CollBalanced21Inter d'Escaldes-
ITASilvia FormichellaBalanced27Nuova Florida-
GERChristine ForsterBalanced40-
PORVera ForteProfessional41Pinhalnovense-
ITAMita FranceschettiBalanced43Belluno-
SWEMaria Franfie BenditoBalanced27Rågsveds IF-
ITAAlessandra FrizzarinBalanced52-
ITAChiara GandossiBalanced25Ospitaletto-
URULucía GarassiniBalanced38-
COLKarol GarcíaBalanced38Once Caldas-
PORAna GarridoBalanced26Lusitano Évora B SAD-
AUTBianca GasserBalanced31-
GERLisa GehrkeBalanced30-
SCOKaren GibsonBalanced38Inverness CT-
NIRRachael GillenBalanced22Falkirk-
ISLÞórunn GísladóttirBalanced28Afturelding-
SVNEva GlobokarBalanced24Bravo-
COLAngie GómezBalanced26Bogotá F.C.-
PORInês GonçalvesBalanced23-
PORMarta GonçalvesFairly Loyal27Cardielense-
ARGAlicia GonzalezBalanced48Correggese-
SUIDominique GonzenbachBalanced26Seuzach-
SCOJenny GrahamBalanced35-
SCOJanis GreigBalanced36Wick Academy-
SVNNina GrobelnikBalanced31Interblock-
ISLDiljá GuðmundardóttirFairly Sporting26Leiknir R.-
SWELinnéa GustavssonBalanced27-
COLMartha GutiérrezBalanced25Dragon Force-
PHISherry Ann Guzman-JoensenBalanced41ÍF-
AUTSara HabenichtBalanced30Wolfsberger-
ISLIngibjörg Ásta HalldórsdóttirBalanced25ÍA-
GIBKamyl HammondBalanced21Lincoln (GIB)-
USAStacey HardinBalanced30Minnesota Utd-
ENGRachel HaslemBalanced31-
ENGAmy HaywoodBalanced29-
NZLJordyn HealyBalanced21Birkenhead-
SUIBeatrice HeckendornBalanced52Black Stars Basel-
WALJessica HegartyBalanced20-
ISLBjartey HelgadóttirBalanced25-
SINSukitha HerathBalanced34-
ENGSally HolmesBalanced51-
SWEEmma HolmqvistSporting27-
ENGGill HoltBalanced44Bristol City-
SVNAjda HrastnikBalanced32Fužinar-
PERJhenny Arlett HuamboBalanced49-
SWEJosefine HultgrenBalanced36-
NEDSuzanne HuurmanBalanced29-
SRBBiljana IgnjatovicBalanced43Radnički Pirot-
PORAna InácioBalanced31Gafetense-
ITAMartina InzoliBalanced35Crema-
KAZSholpan IunusovaBalanced60-
URUMayra JakimczukBalanced31Uruguay Montevideo-
ENGAmanda JohnsonFairly Ambitious45ASPIRE-
SCOJane JohnstoneBalanced29-
WALAilsa JonesBalanced35Swansea-
ISLSærún JónsdóttirFairly Sporting38Breiðablik-
ENGKatie JoynesBalanced25-
SVNVeronika KamplinBalanced35Interblock-
SWEHelene KarlssonBalanced51-
HUNNikolett KassaiBalanced27Békéscsaba-
WALLeighanne KellyBalanced24-
SWEJennie KerttuBalanced43-
GERKarolin KiefferBalanced40-
USAMeeja KinseyBalanced28Indy Eleven-
FINSanna KivinenBalanced36TKT-
DENMariann Gajhede KnudsenFairly Sporting35AaB-
SRBTanja Kostic StamenovicBalanced42Radnički Pirot-
ISLAlma Rún KristmannsdóttirFairly Sporting26HK-
NORMarie Krokstrand OlsenFairly Sporting30Ranheim-
SVNTadeja KulcarBalanced36-
HKGKwong Hoi HangBalanced35Eastern AA-
ARGMicaela LacuestaBalanced24-
SWEJenny LarssonBalanced34Östersunds FK-
FRAMarion LefevreBalanced44Monaco-
CANCristina LeonardelliBalanced29Atlético Ottawa-
IDNFortunella LevyanaSpirited28Terengganu City-
ESTKristiina LindBalanced32Flora-
SWEOda Lindahl ScheiBalanced26GIF Sundsvall-
USARandi LiningerBalanced29Rio Grande Valley-
NORMarianne LislevandSpirited41Start-
ENGEve LittlerBalanced26Hednesford-
HKGLiu Ching YeeBalanced38-
ESPBeatriz López ArribasBalanced34At. PintoNational B Licence
COLDaniela LópezBalanced26-
COLMari Luz LópezBalanced55Envigado F.C.-
COLNathalia LópezBalanced40Leones F.C.-
COLValentina LópezBalanced25Fortaleza C.E.I.F.-
SWEMatilda LundbladFairly Professional37IF Elfsborg-
NEDPatricia MaaslandBalanced28-
LTUMeida MaciulaityteBalanced45-
SCOAlannah MacPhersonBalanced22Clyde-
PORMarina MalheiroBalanced41-
ESPIrene MalloBalanced45Lugo-
ITARoberta ManzoniBalanced28-
CZEJitka MarhanovaBalanced32Sparta Praha-
PORCarla MarquesBalanced41-
PORSofia MarquesBalanced27-
URUJimena MárquezBalanced25Atenas de San Carlos-
ESPMarta RamírezBalanced23-
PORAna MartaBalanced23Porto Salvo-
ITAGiordana MasoneBalanced40-
ARGInés MassaccesiBalanced44Querétaro-
URUAndrea MattiozziBalanced39-
COLMarcela MayaBalanced45Atlético NacionalContinental Pro Licence
ENGMadeline McCavanaBalanced24Tranmere-
SCOVictoria McIntyreBalanced30-
ENGDenise McLeanBalanced32-
SCODanielle McNaughtBalanced30Bonnyrigg Rose-
ENGLynne MeasonBalanced53-
SVNRomina MecilosekBalanced36-
COLNathaly MejíaBalanced26-
HUNDóra MesterBalanced25Haladás-
SRBDragana MitrovicBalanced33Radnik Surdulica-
URUMariana MontenegroBalanced31Central Español-
ENGYvonne MooreBalanced32-
PORAndreia MoreiraBalanced35-
ENGEmma MoyleBalanced22-
POLAlicja MucharskaBalanced37-
SCOAnna MurrayBalanced29-
SCOKirsten MurrayBalanced29Dumbarton-
ECUCamila NájeraBalanced29Independiente del Valle-
ARGAna NavarroBalanced36Cipolletti-
SLVYasmín NavarroBalanced47FAS-
DENClaudia NielsenBalanced46-
FRASophia NigiBalanced31Monaco-
SWETania NilssonBalanced29Djurgårdens IF-
COLLady NuñezBalanced27Millonarios F.C-
NIRCatherine O'KaneBalanced29Tobermore Utd-
ENGDanielle OgleyBalanced25-
PORBeatriz OliveiraBalanced21Belenenses SAD-
ITAAgnese OlivieroBalanced28-
MEXBeatriz OlmedoBalanced36-
USABeatriz OlmedoBalanced35Sacramento-
COLGiovanna OrtegaBalanced39Boyacá Chicó F.C.-
ESPSílvia OrtegaModel Professional39Barcelona-
COLAdriana OspinaBalanced32Orsomarso S.C.-
COLMercedes OspinaBalanced52Deportivo Cali-
COLMariana PabónBalanced33Atlético Nacional-
ITAAngela PaesettoBalanced41-
COLLeidy PalechorBalanced27Independiente Santa Fe-
COLAndrea PalenciaBalanced28-
COLDiana PalenciaBalanced28-
HKGPang Yik YuBalanced38Tuen Mun-
ITAMartina PanizzoBalanced26-
COLAngie PardoBalanced22Real San Andrés-
PORAna ParreiraFairly Professional26Lusitano Évora B SAD-
ITASerena PerazzoBalanced26Spezia-
PORInês PereiraBalanced23Ferreira de Aves-
PORSara PereiraBalanced50-
COLAndrea PérezBalanced24Bogotá F.C.-
RSAKeshia PetersenBalanced30Ubuntu Cape Town-
USABrittany PetersonBalanced28San Diego-
SVNTadeja PfeiferBalanced32Šampion-
ITACristiana PiangiarelliBalanced48-
AUTSigrid PichlerBalanced46RB Salzburg-
FINIita PienimäkiFairly Sporting27-
PORIsa PinheiroBalanced30-
ITADebora PiniBalanced31Ciliverghe Mazzano-
PORIsabel PintoBalanced36Castelo de Vide-
PORMariana PintoBalanced23Nova SBE-
PORSofia PintoBalanced25-
ITALaura PiottoBalanced32Castellana-
ITAValeria PirasBalanced29-
GIBClaire PitalugaBalanced38-
UKRLiliya PlihtaBalanced36-
ESPSusanna PlujàBalanced34Barcelona-
SVNSpela PoglajenBalanced33Bravo-
SRBMina PopovicBalanced30Borac 1926-
SRBRadojka PopovicBalanced48Mladost APA-
DENMinna PoulsenBalanced34-
ENGJess PreeceFairly Professional29-
ENGMary PriestnerProfessional31-
CHNPu YanmengBalanced36CD Uniplay-
FRARoxanne QueffelecBalanced28Troyes-
COLElvia QuinteroBalanced28-
COLJessica QuirogaBalanced30Junior-
ESTKristel RabaBalanced25Tulevik-
SRBMaja RadojcinBalanced31Budućnost Dobanovci-
BLRYuliya RakhmanavaBalanced29-
PORCátia RamosBalanced32Bobadelense-
PORPaula RamosFairly Loyal53Fontaínhas-
TRIJo-Ellen RedheadBalanced36W Connection-
WALKate ReesFairly Sporting45-
ENGMegan ReidBalanced34-
PORRita RibeiroBalanced25Mafra-
ENGJessica RichBalanced33-
ENGJenna RichardsBalanced33AFC Wimbledon-
NORCathrine RiiserSporting41Moss-
ITAMoira RissottoBalanced48-
ESPPatricia RivasBalanced31Barcelona-
WALHannah RobertsBalanced23Pentraeth-
SCOPauline RobertsonBalanced34Wolves-
COLStefany RochaBalanced25-
COLLina RodríguezBalanced27Deportivo Cali-
MEXZurisadai RodríguezBalanced27Puebla-
COLAna RosasBalanced29-
ITAMichela RotunnoBalanced50Tre Penne-
SRBDragica RundicBalanced45Bežanija-
ESPNatàlia RusiñolBalanced30Barcelona-
SUIMechthild RutschmannBalanced61Wil-
PORJoana SáBalanced32Carregal do Sal-
HUNPetra Sáfrány ZoiBalanced29III. Kerület-
ESTLiisi SakalaBalanced28Paide LM-
COLMaria SamudioBalanced26La Equidad-
ESPInmaculada Sánchez MoncayoBalanced36Antequera-
DENNina SchackFairly Loyal58Silkeborg IF-
DENLine Schouw JensenBalanced42-
GERStefania SchusterBalanced62-
COLSonia SernaBalanced39Once Caldas-
ITAClaudia SgarroBalanced28Cerignola-
ENGJessica ShawBalanced29Rotherham-
BLRAnastasiya ShlojdoBalanced27Rukh Brest-
HKGShum Hang ChingBalanced46Lee Man-
LTUIeva SimonelyteBalanced26-
SCOKatie SingerBalanced29Swindon-
SCOJo SjobergBalanced53-
IRLCharlotte SkidmoreBalanced37-
ENGCyra SmithFairly Loyal22Harrogate-
NORThea Solli SagbakkenBalanced22Elverum-
PORAndreia SolpostoFairly Professional33-
ITASara StelmiBalanced33Levico-
ENGVikki StevensBalanced31Barnsley-
SCOMelanie StewartBalanced30St. Johnstone-
RSAElsa StormBalanced60-
NORMarita StrømmenBalanced30Continental B Licence
CHNSun Li'naBalanced41-
ISLHildur Kristín SveinsdóttirFairly Sporting42Breiðablik-
HUNNikolett SzórádiBalanced33Győr-
POLSara SzymaniakBalanced26Stal Brzeg-
ESTHannalore TaalBalanced25Tarvas-
HKGTai Cho KiuBalanced38-
HKGTai Man PuiBalanced40Happy Valley-
PORJuliana TeixeiraBalanced26Amarante-
COLLady TenjoBalanced28Independiente Santa Fe-
ESTReet TepaskindBalanced32Kuressaare-
ITAFederica TestaBalanced37-
GERSwantje ThomßenFairly Professional35Borussia Dortmund-
THASawita ThumviteeBalanced34Ratchaburi-
GERAgnieszka Tobiasz-KolodziejBalanced46-
ENGAmy ToddBalanced33Fulham-
ITAClara ToffoliBalanced45-
ENGEmma TonkinBalanced38-
ESPPilar Torres DezaBalanced43Portonovo-
COLClaudia TorresBalanced33Independiente Santa Fe-
COLVicky TorresBalanced30-
ENGGina TymmBalanced48-
FRADelphine UhelFairly Professional35Nice-
PERSheila UtaniBalanced29Deportivo Coopsol-
COLTania ValdésBalanced29Real Cartagena-
PORJoana ValentimBalanced28CAC Pontinha-
PORAna ValverdeBalanced30Redondense-
NEDEmilie van BoekelBalanced31-
NEDElseline van der PollFairly Sporting43Shijiazhuang-
NEDAnne van DuijnBalanced30-
PERJessica VelásquezBalanced34Llacuabamba-
SVNMilena VerbicBalanced55Šentjur-
ENGLisa VicatBalanced31Cirencester-
ESPNerea VideiraBalanced34Boiro-
SRBBranislava VidicBalanced26Bačka-
COLJenny VillaBalanced31Deportivo Pereira-
NEDMalon VisserBalanced29FC Eindhoven-
SRBJelena VuckovicFairly Ambitious35Jagodina-
SRBMilena VujaklijaBalanced29-
SCOSarah WatsonBalanced26-
SCOStephanie WellsBalanced29Stirling-
SWEIda WibergBalanced29Västerås SKContinental A Licence
GERFranziska WickenhäuserBalanced27Sandhausen-
GERSabine WiedemannBalanced64Halberstadt-
ENGCharlotte WigmoreBalanced34Chippenham-
SCOLauren WilsonBalanced24East Fife-
SCOSusan WilsonBalanced33Morton-
RSAMichele WitbooiBalanced35Cape Umoya Utd-
USASydney WolfeBalanced32Nashville-
SWESara WoodbridgeFairly Sporting31-
NIRCaroline WoodsBalanced42-
HKGYeung WaiBalanced42Southern District-
USAAngie ZiolkowskiBalanced28Memphis-

Sports Scientist

Anke Steffen | Germany | Professional
79 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
NEDHilde AartsBalanced49-
COLFrancy AlarcónBalanced24-
PHIDaisyree AnarnaBalanced48-
COLIngrid AtenciaBalanced33Real Cartagena-
PORCatarina BajancaBalanced23Estoril PraiaContinental A Licence
ENGEmma BaughurstBalanced25-
ENGLaura BowenFairly Determined29Southampton-
RUSMaria BurovaBalanced34Zenit-
COLIvonne CastellanosBalanced32Atlético Bucaramanga-
COLDaniela ChacónBalanced29-
JAMJulia CousinsBalanced37-
ITAMonica D'AlfonsoBalanced45Cavarzano Oltrardo-
COLDiana DavidBalanced33La Equidad-
URULaura Del PuertoFairly Determined34Progreso-
ENGKatie DorsettBalanced23Knaphill-
JAMDr Karen JuliusFairly Ambitious47Harbour View-
ENGChloe EdwardsBalanced45Blackburn-
ENGStacey EmmondsBalanced35-
ESPEricaBalanced39QD Huanghai-
COLKatherine EscobarBalanced30Envigado F.C.-
ENGEmily EscreetBalanced22Norwich-
ENGAimee EvansBalanced26Hull-
ITASara FabrisBalanced33-
COLYesenia FernándezBalanced27Tigres F.C.-
FINHannele ForsmanFairly Sporting39FC Lahti-
COLKarol GarcíaBalanced38Once Caldas-
COLAngie GómezBalanced26Bogotá F.C.-
ENGAmy HaywoodBalanced29-
SINSukitha HerathBalanced34-
NORHeidi HolmlundBalanced43Molde-
SWEEmma HolmqvistSporting27-
NORGrete HomstølFairly Sporting46-
ENGFrankie HunterBalanced30MiddlesbroughContinental B Licence
HKGKwok Ching YinBalanced28I-Sky Yuen Long-
BLRKsenia LepeshkoBalanced22-
COLDaniela LópezBalanced26-
COLMari Luz LópezBalanced55Envigado F.C.-
COLNathalia LópezBalanced40Leones F.C.-
COLValentina LópezBalanced25Fortaleza C.E.I.F.-
ENGCat MalcolmBalanced25Southend-
CZEJitka MarhanovaBalanced32Sparta Praha-
URUAndrea MattiozziBalanced39-
COLNathaly MejíaBalanced26-
SWETania NilssonBalanced29Djurgårdens IF-
COLLady NuñezBalanced27Millonarios F.C-
ENGDanielle OgleyBalanced25-
COLGiovanna OrtegaBalanced39Boyacá Chicó F.C.-
ESPSílvia OrtegaModel Professional39Barcelona-
COLAdriana OspinaBalanced32Orsomarso S.C.-
COLMercedes OspinaBalanced52Deportivo Cali-
COLMariana PabónBalanced33Atlético Nacional-
COLLeidy PalechorBalanced27Independiente Santa Fe-
COLAndrea PalenciaBalanced28-
COLDiana PalenciaBalanced28-
COLAngie PardoBalanced22Real San Andrés-
COLAndrea PérezBalanced24Bogotá F.C.-
ENGHolly PickettBalanced28-
COLElvia QuinteroBalanced28-
COLJessica QuirogaBalanced30Junior-
TRIJo-Ellen RedheadBalanced36W Connection-
SCOKaren RobertsonBalanced55Annan-
COLStefany RochaBalanced25-
COLAna RosasBalanced29-
ARGSandra RossiProfessional59RiverContinental Pro Licence
COLMaria SamudioBalanced26La Equidad-
ESPNuria SánchezBalanced30Valencia Mestalla-
PORAna SenaBalanced23Portimonense-
COLSonia SernaBalanced39Once Caldas-
ENGJessica ShawBalanced29Rotherham-
GERAnke SteffenProfessional36-
BLREkaterina TalashkoBalanced35Dinamo Brest-
COLLady TenjoBalanced28Independiente Santa Fe-
COLVicky TorresBalanced30-
COLTania ValdésBalanced29Real Cartagena-
NEDElseline van der PollFairly Sporting43Shijiazhuang-
NEDPleun van GinnekenBalanced26NAC Breda-
COLJenny VillaBalanced31Deportivo Pereira-
ENGBethany WilcocksonBalanced23Mansfield-
SCOMorgan WrightBalanced24Sheff Utd-

Head of Youth Development

Ingrid Vanherle | Belgium | Fairly Professional
13 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
ROULorena BalaciBalanced41Daco-GeticaContinental A Licence
SMRValeria CaniniBalanced33Continental B Licence
WALHannah DingleyBalanced36Forest GreenContinental Pro Licence
ISLGunný GunnlaugsdóttirFairly Sporting35-
KORKim Sun-YoungBalanced37HZ CaozhouNational C Licence
FINChristina KindtBalanced38Continental B Licence
ITAMichela LegoBalanced48StresaNational A Licence
SCOLorna McAuleyBalanced40National A Licence
PORInês MiguelBalanced30CastrenseNational A Licence
AUSKat SmithBalanced36Continental A Licence
ITAAlessia TaraniBalanced44MonterosiContinental B Licence
BELIngrid VanherleFairly Professional49StandardContinental A Licence
LTUDalia VenckevicieneBalanced52Continental B Licence


Helena Costa | Portugal | Fairly Professional
11 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
CZESvetlana BernaBalanced35Viktoria Žižkov-
PORHelena CostaFairly Professional41FrankfurtContinental A Licence
ITAMartina CostaBalanced38-
IRLLisa FallonProfessional43Continental Pro Licence
TURFiliz AtayBalanced35Continental B Licence
BRAGleide CostaBalanced34Botafogo (PB)National A Licence
ITAAngelica IvoneBalanced39TarantoContinental B Licence
TURMerve SuBalanced32Continental C Licence
GREMariela NisotakiFairly Ambitious27Norwich-
GREVasiliki PappaBalanced39-
ENGLucy RushtonBalanced31Atlanta United-

Director of Football

Every DoF I found in the database has randomly generated stats. I’ve uploaded the shortlist but there’s a strong possibility none will be up to standard.

7 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
BRALígia Franzon ZatBalanced32Guarani VA-
POLMartyna GóralBalanced30Lechia-
HKGKwok Ching YinBalanced28I-Sky Yuen Long-
ITAAngela PalomboBalanced46Real Carsoli-
AUSKat SmithBalanced36Continental A Licence
ITAAlessia TaraniBalanced44MonterosiContinental B Licence
ITALorenza VisentiniLight-Hearted38Delta Porto Tolle-

Recruitment / Performance Analyst

Hannah Herbert | England | Fairly Determined
27 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
ENGLaura BowenFairly Determined29Southampton-
SWELinda BredingBalanced40IFK Göteborg-
ENGHannah BurgonBalanced24Swansea-
HKGChan Yuen TingBalanced31Continental Pro Licence
AUSKate CohenBalanced34Macarthur FC-
ENGSara CullisBalanced26Derby-
ENGChloe EdwardsBalanced45Blackburn-
GREKaterina FalidaBalanced37Continental Pro Licence
IRLLisa FallonProfessional43Continental Pro Licence
ENGHannah HerbertFairly Determined33-
ENGRachel HindleBalanced27Blackburn-
ITAAngelica IvoneBalanced39TarantoContinental B Licence
NEDNathasja KeurBalanced38TelstarContinental C Licence
ENGZoe MatthewsFairly Determined25Tottenham-
ITASelena MazzantiniBalanced46MonterosiContinental A Licence
GREMariela NisotakiFairly Ambitious27Norwich-
PORSofia OliveiraFairly Professional26-
ENGNatasha PatelFairly Determined31NY Red Bulls-
ENGMegan ReesbyBalanced25Solihull Moors-
USAAmber RowellBalanced29-
ENGLucy RushtonBalanced31Atlanta United-
ARGVirginia SaleraBalanced31Newell's-
ISRAya SorekBalanced38-
ENGKatie SorensenBalanced23Man City-
PORCristiana TeixeiraBalanced22Felgueiras BContinental B Licence
ENGSamantha TormoBalanced30TenerifeContinental A Licence
WALEsther WillsBalanced43-

Technical Director

7 Staff Members
NatNamePersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
CZESvetlana BernaBalanced35Viktoria Žižkov-
NEDJouke DerixBalanced42-
RUSNatalja GalkinaBalanced56NovosibirskNational C Licence
BRAGleide CostaBalanced34Botafogo (PB)National A Licence
GERMarie JenhardtBalanced30Dresden-
HUNAnikó LévaiBalanced49Szolnok-
ESTLjubov LobosevaBalanced41-

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580 Staff Members
NatNamePreferred JobPersonalityAgeClubCoaching Qualifications
NEDHilde AartsSports ScientistBalanced49-
POLAleksandra AdamiecCoachBalanced42WisłaContinental B Licence
SWECaroline AdamssonPhysioFairly Professional30Skövde AIK-
RUSElena AfanasjevaFitness CoachBalanced53-
COLFrancy AlarcónPhysioBalanced24-
WALKerry AldcroftPhysioBalanced32Valley-
NIRJulie AlexanderFitness CoachBalanced36Ballymena Utd-
ESTMaari AllikmäePhysioBalanced27Paide LM-
SWEJohanna AlmgrenAssistant ManagerBalanced35Continental A Licence
ITATina AluisioFitness CoachBalanced53-
URUPatricia ÁlvarezPhysioBalanced50-
ANGGuilhermina AlvesPhysioBalanced32Primeiro de Agosto-
PORSara AlvesPhysioBalanced24Alegre e Unido-
PORSónia AlvesPhysioBalanced40Porto Salvo-
WALGabbie AmosPhysioBalanced22Barry-
NORHilde AmundsenFitness CoachBalanced45Florø-
PHIDaisyree AnarnaPhysioBalanced48-
SCOAileen AndersonPhysioBalanced31Motherwell-
SWEHelene Andersson MolinaPhysioBalanced53-
PORJoana AriosaPhysioBalanced26Abóboda-
DENKamilla ArpPhysioBalanced35-
COLIngrid AtenciaPhysioBalanced33Real Cartagena-
KAZLarisa BabenkoPhysioBalanced44-
ENGSamantha BackhousePhysioBalanced34Hitchin-
PORCatarina BajancaFitness CoachBalanced23Estoril PraiaContinental A Licence
ENGHannah BakerPhysioBalanced22Barwell-
ROULorena BalaciHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced41Daco-GeticaContinental A Licence
WALGemma BamfordPhysioBalanced29Connah's Quay-
RUSAnna BaranovaCoachBalanced29Continental B Licence
ITAElisa BarbettaPhysioBalanced41Loreo-
ENGMichaela BarnettPhysioBalanced29Brighton-
JAMTanice BarnettFitness CoachBalanced37Longville ParkNational C Licence
NIRJulie BarryPhysioBalanced32Warrenpoint-
ENGEmma BaughurstSports ScientistBalanced25-
ARGSilvina BaumanPhysioSpirited36Patronato-
ENGEmma BeaugeardCoachBalanced52Continental C Licence
ITAMartina BellagottiFitness CoachBalanced44PontederaNational A Licence
ISRLee BerkovicFitness CoachBalanced24-
CZESvetlana BernaTechnical DirectorBalanced35Viktoria Žižkov-
ITASimona BertanoPhysioFairly Loyal40-
ITAGiulia BianchiniPhysioBalanced28Real Formigine-
ENGGrace BibbyPhysioBalanced21Elgin City-
SWESofia BillgerFitness CoachFairly Professional28-
NZLJenny BindonGoalkeeping CoachSpirited46Continental B Licence
JAMBarbara BlackAssistant ManagerBalanced35Lime HallNational A Licence
NORRenate BlindheimManagerFairly Ambitious25SotraContinental A Licence
ENGEmma BoonPhysioFairly Professional32-
SRBJela BorovinicPhysioBalanced39Radnički Nova Pazova-
RSASheryl BotesManagerFairly Determined44Continental Pro Licence
ENGLaura BowenRecruitment AnalystFairly Determined29Southampton-
SWELisa BrandénPhysioSporting26Östersunds FK-
GERCarolin BraunCoachBalanced34Continental A Licence
PORSusana BravoPhysioBalanced33Leiria e Marrazes-
SWELinda BredingPerformance AnalystBalanced40IFK Göteborg-
DENMette BrodersenPhysioBalanced38-
PORAna BrotasPhysioFairly Sporting27Lusitano Évora SAD-
SCOEilidh BrownPhysioBalanced31-
ENGVictoria BrownPhysioBalanced34-
BRABruna MelloPhysioBalanced29Loures-
ITAGiulia BucellaPhysioBalanced27-
HUNBettina BudaiPhysioBalanced25Puskás Akadémia-
ENGHannah BurgonPerformance AnalystBalanced24Swansea-
RUSMaria BurovaFitness CoachBalanced34Zenit-
ENGElizabeth BushPhysioBalanced28-
NORMarion BuunkLoan ManagerBalanced37BrannContinental A Licence
ITAIndia CalaciuraCoachBalanced40National B Licence
MEXEstefania CalderónPhysioBalanced31Mazatlán-
WALAdele CallaghanPhysioBalanced50Swansea-
ESPLaura CalvoAssistant ManagerBalanced35San MarcialNational B Licence
PORPatrícia CamposAssistant ManagerBalanced29Monte da CaparicaNational A Licence
PORZélia CandeiasPhysioBalanced62Bencatelense-
SMRValeria CaniniHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced33Continental B Licence
ITASilvia CaporaleFitness CoachBalanced32-
ITAArianna CaraFitness CoachBalanced30Ostia Mare-
ITAClaudia CarnevalePhysioBalanced39-
ENGSarah CarrFitness CoachBalanced26Bristol Rovers-
ESPNuria CascónPhysioBalanced46-
COLIvonne CastellanosPhysioBalanced32Atlético Bucaramanga-
ESPEstela CatalánPhysioBalanced29Pedroñeras-
COLDaniela ChacónPhysioBalanced29-
HKGChan Yuen TingManagerBalanced31Continental Pro Licence
TPEChang Hu-chingCoachBalanced40Chung Shan I.C.S.-
FRASéverine ChapeyronPhysioBalanced38Clermont-
THADarun CharoenwongPhysioBalanced48Chumphon-
TPEChen Ya-lingCoachBalanced40Chung Shan I.C.S.-
TPECheng Hsia-yingCoachBalanced38I-Shou Univ.-
ISRGal ChervoniCoachBalanced38Beitar Tel-AvivContinental B Licence
BRACilmara MorettiPhysioFairly Determined57São Paulo-
ITATeresa CiocePhysioBalanced26-
SCOAimee ClarkPhysioBalanced35-
ENGNatalie ClaytonPhysioBalanced26Bradford (PA)-
AUSKate CohenRecruitment AnalystBalanced34Macarthur FC-
MNESladjana ColicPhysioBalanced30Iskra-
ITASilvia ColzaniPhysioBalanced25-
ITASabrina ConternoPhysioBalanced54Savona-
ENGBethan CooperPhysioBalanced26Maidstone-
ENGKatie CooperPhysioBalanced31-
ITASilvia CorbettaPhysioBalanced25Pro Sesto-
GNBSunita CorreiaPhysioBalanced22Flamengo de Pefine-
PORHelena CostaScoutFairly Professional41FrankfurtContinental A Licence
ITAMartina CostaScoutBalanced38-
PORPatrícia CostaPhysioBalanced24Varzim-
USAKatrina CourtrightPhysioBalanced34Charlotte Eagles-
JAMJulia CousinsPhysioBalanced37-
JAMToni CowanAssistant ManagerBalanced27Continental C Licence
FRAChloé CredevillePhysioBalanced29Nice-
PORPaula CristinaPhysioBalanced35Olivais e Moscavide-
PORSusana CristinaPhysioBalanced27-
ENGSara CullisPerformance AnalystBalanced26Derby-
ITAMonica D'AlfonsoPhysioBalanced45Cavarzano Oltrardo-
SMADagmar DaalCoachBalanced29Oualichi-
ITALaura Dal MolinPhysioBalanced28Virtus Bolzano-
COLDiana DavidPhysioBalanced33La Equidad-
JAMAshauna DavisPhysioModel Citizen27-
ENGRachel DavisPhysioFairly Professional30Harrogate-
ITAPaola De CamillisFitness CoachBalanced47Casalbordino-
FRAMarine De MatosPhysioBalanced29-
FINMaria DegerlundPhysioSporting38EIF-
URULaura Del PuertoSports ScientistFairly Determined34Progreso-
ITALaura Del PuppoPhysioBalanced47Vittorio Falmec-
ESPLaura del RíoCoachBalanced36Flat Earth-
NEDJouke DerixTechnical DirectorBalanced42-
ITAFrancesca Di PuccioPhysioBalanced36-
RSAKeleabetwe DialeCoachBalanced39Continental B Licence
ITARoberta DibiscegliaPhysioBalanced25-
WALHannah DingleyHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced36Forest GreenContinental Pro Licence
SRBMarija DjukelicPhysioBalanced31Grafičar-
PORAna DominguesPhysioBalanced27Vasco Gama Vidigueira-
ESPAndrea DoniciPhysioBalanced22Fuenlabrada-
GERNadine DörfelPhysioBalanced30Erzgebirge Aue-
ENGKatie DorsettFitness CoachBalanced23Knaphill-
ENGNatasha DoylePhysioFairly Professional27-
JAMDr Karen JuliusPhysioFairly Ambitious47Harbour View-
AUTMartina DreerPhysioBalanced34LASK-
FRALucie DuguePhysioBalanced29Amiens-
NZLKatie DuncanCoachBalanced32Eastern SuburbsContinental B Licence
TURDuygu ErdoganAssistant ManagerResolute31Continental A Licence
ENGChloe EdwardsPerformance AnalystBalanced45Blackburn-
ISLÞóra Elín EinarsdóttirPhysioFairly Sporting46-
SWEFrida EklundPhysioBalanced34-
ISLUna EmilsdóttirCoachBalanced32Continental B Licence
ENGStacey EmmondsSports ScientistBalanced35-
ESPEricaPhysioBalanced39QD Huanghai-
DENTina Eriksen CrawackPhysioBalanced26B 1908-
COLKatherine EscobarPhysioBalanced30Envigado F.C.-
ENGEmily EscreetSports ScientistBalanced22Norwich-
PORPatrícia Espírito SantoPhysioBalanced27SF Palmense-
ENGAimee EvansSports ScientistBalanced26Hull-
WALFfiona EvansPhysioProfessional28Bala-
ITASara FabrisPhysioBalanced33-
GREKaterina FalidaCoachBalanced37Continental Pro Licence
IRLLisa FallonCoachProfessional43Continental Pro Licence
HUNIldikó FejesPhysioFairly Loyal31Fehérvár-
PORSandra FernandesPhysioBalanced41Gândaras-
ESPElena Fernández CastañoGoalkeeping CoachBalanced26Unión AdarveNational B Licence
COLYesenia FernándezPhysioBalanced27Tigres F.C.-
PORTânia FerreiraPhysioBalanced25Amora-
HUNRéka FeszthammerPhysioBalanced44Puskás Akadémia-
SCOAlyson FieldingPhysioBalanced38-
ANDLaura Figuera CollPhysioBalanced21Inter d'Escaldes-
TURFiliz AtayCoachBalanced35Continental B Licence
ITASilvia FormichellaPhysioBalanced27Nuova Florida-
FINHannele ForsmanSports ScientistFairly Sporting39FC Lahti-
GERChristine ForsterPhysioBalanced40-
PORVera FortePhysioProfessional41Pinhalnovense-
ITAMita FranceschettiPhysioBalanced43Belluno-
SWEMaria Franfie BenditoFitness CoachBalanced27Rågsveds IF-
BRALígia Franzon ZatDirector of FootballBalanced32Guarani VA-
ITAAlessandra FrizzarinPhysioBalanced52-
RUSNatalja GalkinaTechnical DirectorBalanced56NovosibirskNational C Licence
ITAChiara GandossiPhysioBalanced25Ospitaletto-
URULucía GarassiniPhysioBalanced38-
ITAValentina GarbiFitness CoachBalanced36-
COLKarol GarcíaPhysioBalanced38Once Caldas-
PORAna GarridoPhysioBalanced26Lusitano Évora B SAD-
AUTBianca GasserFitness CoachBalanced31-
GERLisa GehrkePhysioBalanced30-
SCOKaren GibsonPhysioBalanced38Inverness CT-
NIRRachael GillenPhysioBalanced22Falkirk-
ISLÞórunn GísladóttirPhysioBalanced28Afturelding-
BRAGleide CostaCoachBalanced34Botafogo (PB)National A Licence
SVNEva GlobokarPhysioBalanced24Bravo-
COLAngie GómezPhysioBalanced26Bogotá F.C.-
PORInês GonçalvesPhysioBalanced23-
PORMarta GonçalvesPhysioFairly Loyal27Cardielense-
ARGAlicia GonzalezPhysioBalanced48Correggese-
ESPSabina GonzálezCoachBalanced34TarancónContinental B Licence
SUIDominique GonzenbachPhysioBalanced26Seuzach-
POLMartyna GóralDirector of FootballBalanced30Lechia-
USACatherine GordonGoalkeeping CoachBalanced56Dayton Dutch Lions-
SCOJenny GrahamPhysioBalanced35-
SCOJanis GreigPhysioBalanced36Wick Academy-
GERInka GringsCoachResolute41Continental Pro Licence
SVNNina GrobelnikPhysioBalanced31Interblock-
ISLDiljá GuðmundardóttirPhysioFairly Sporting26Leiknir R.-
ISLGunný GunnlaugsdóttirHead of Youth DevelopmentFairly Sporting35-
GERKatharina GüntherCoachBalanced32DuisburgContinental B Licence
BULEleonora GurbanovaFitness CoachBalanced41DunavContinental A Licence
SWELinnéa GustavssonPhysioBalanced27-
COLMartha GutiérrezPhysioBalanced25Dragon Force-
PHISherry Ann Guzman-JoensenPhysioBalanced41ÍF-
AUTSara HabenichtPhysioBalanced30Wolfsberger-
SWESara HäggströmAssistant ManagerFairly Sporting40National B Licence
ISLIngibjörg Ásta HalldórsdóttirPhysioBalanced25ÍA-
GIBKamyl HammondPhysioBalanced21Lincoln (GIB)-
DENLine Andrea HansenFitness CoachBalanced30Esbjerg fB-
USAStacey HardinPhysioBalanced30Minnesota Utd-
ENGRachel HaslemPhysioBalanced31-
SWEPetra HautalahtiGoalkeeping CoachFairly Sporting25BKV NorrtäljeNational A Licence
ENGEmma HayesManagerBalanced43Continental A Licence
ENGAmy HaywoodPhysioBalanced29-
NZLJordyn HealyPhysioBalanced21Birkenhead-
SUIBeatrice HeckendornPhysioBalanced52Black Stars Basel-
SWEUlrika HedCoachBalanced43-
WALJessica HegartyPhysioBalanced20-
SWEElin HegestrandFitness CoachFairly Sporting37Norrby IF-
ISLBjartey HelgadóttirPhysioBalanced25-
SWESofie HenrikssonFitness CoachFairly Sporting31-
SINSukitha HerathPhysioBalanced34-
ENGHannah HerbertPerformance AnalystFairly Determined33-
ENGRachel HindleRecruitment AnalystBalanced27Blackburn-
ENGSally HolmesFitness CoachBalanced51-
NORHeidi HolmlundSports ScientistBalanced43Molde-
SWEEmma HolmqvistFitness CoachSporting27-
ENGGill HoltPhysioBalanced44Bristol City-
NORGrete HomstølSports ScientistFairly Sporting46-
SVNAjda HrastnikPhysioBalanced32Fužinar-
PERJhenny Arlett HuamboPhysioBalanced49-
SWEJosefine HultgrenFitness CoachBalanced36-
ENGFrankie HunterFitness CoachBalanced30MiddlesbroughContinental B Licence
NEDSuzanne HuurmanPhysioBalanced29-
SRBBiljana IgnjatovicPhysioBalanced43Radnički Pirot-
PORAna InácioPhysioBalanced31Gafetense-
ITAMartina InzoliPhysioBalanced35Crema-
KAZSholpan IunusovaPhysioBalanced60-
ITAAngelica IvoneCoachBalanced39TarantoContinental B Licence
URUMayra JakimczukPhysioBalanced31Uruguay Montevideo-
SYRMaha JanoudCoachBalanced34National C Licence
GERMarie JenhardtTechnical DirectorBalanced30Dresden-
NORMerete JohansenGoalkeeping CoachResolute48TromsøContinental B Licence
SWEMalin JohanssonFitness CoachFairly Sporting27Östersunds FK-
ENGAmanda JohnsonPhysioFairly Ambitious45ASPIRE-
SCOJane JohnstonePhysioBalanced29-
WALAilsa JonesPhysioBalanced35Swansea-
ISLSærún JónsdóttirPhysioFairly Sporting38Breiðablik-
ENGKatie JoynesPhysioBalanced25-
SVNVeronika KamplinPhysioBalanced35Interblock-
SWETherese KapstadManagerFairly Sporting43Täfteå IKContinental B Licence
SWEHelene KarlssonPhysioBalanced51-
HUNNikolett KassaiPhysioBalanced27Békéscsaba-
WALLeighanne KellyPhysioBalanced24-
SCOShelley KerrCoachBalanced50Continental Pro Licence
SWEJennie KerttuPhysioBalanced43-
NEDNathasja KeurRecruitment AnalystBalanced38TelstarContinental C Licence
GERKarolin KiefferPhysioBalanced40-
KORKim Sun-YoungHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced37HZ CaozhouNational C Licence
FINChristina KindtHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced38Continental B Licence
USAMeeja KinseyPhysioBalanced28Indy Eleven-
FINSanna KivinenPhysioBalanced36TKT-
DENMariann Gajhede KnudsenPhysioFairly Sporting35AaB-
UKROlena KolosFitness CoachBalanced37Nyva Vinnytsya-
SRBTanja Kostic StamenovicPhysioBalanced42Radnički Pirot-
UKRYulia KrevsunFitness CoachBalanced39-
ISLAlma Rún KristmannsdóttirPhysioFairly Sporting26HK-
NORMarie Krokstrand OlsenPhysioFairly Sporting30Ranheim-
SVNTadeja KulcarPhysioBalanced36-
HKGKwok Ching YinDirector of FootballBalanced28I-Sky Yuen Long-
HKGKwong Hoi HangPhysioBalanced35Eastern AA-
ARGMicaela LacuestaPhysioBalanced24-
SWEEva LambertssonAssistant ManagerBalanced53Hudiksvalls FFContinental C Licence
NOREli LandsemManagerBalanced57Continental Pro Licence
SWEJenny LarssonPhysioBalanced34Östersunds FK-
ENGSarah LeachCoachBalanced38Continental B Licence
FRAMarion LefevrePhysioBalanced44Monaco-
ITAMichela LegoHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced48StresaNational A Licence
URUFlorencia LemusFitness CoachBalanced26Villa Española-
CANCristina LeonardelliPhysioBalanced29Atlético Ottawa-
BLRKsenia LepeshkoSports ScientistBalanced22-
NORHelene LerbrekkFitness CoachFairly Sporting34Bryne-
HUNAnikó LévaiTechnical DirectorBalanced49Szolnok-
IDNFortunella LevyanaPhysioSpirited28Terengganu City-
SWESusanne LidgrenFitness CoachFairly Sporting51-
ESTKristiina LindPhysioBalanced32Flora-
SWEOda Lindahl ScheiFitness CoachBalanced26GIF Sundsvall-
USARandi LiningerPhysioBalanced29Rio Grande Valley-
NORMarianne LislevandPhysioSpirited41Start-
ENGEve LittlerPhysioBalanced26Hednesford-
HKGLiu Ching YeePhysioBalanced38-
ESTLjubov LobosevaTechnical DirectorBalanced41-
ESPBeatriz López ArribasPhysioBalanced34At. PintoNational B Licence
COLDaniela LópezPhysioBalanced26-
COLMari Luz LópezPhysioBalanced55Envigado F.C.-
COLNathalia LópezPhysioBalanced40Leones F.C.-
COLValentina LópezPhysioBalanced25Fortaleza C.E.I.F.-
AUSCarmel LoweManagerBalanced34Ingham FC-
SWEMatilda LundbladPhysioFairly Professional37IF Elfsborg-
NEDPatricia MaaslandPhysioBalanced28-
LTUMeida MaciulaitytePhysioBalanced45-
SCOAlannah MacPhersonPhysioBalanced22Clyde-
SWEMaria MadlandGoalkeeping CoachBalanced43Continental C Licence
ENGCat MalcolmFitness CoachBalanced25Southend-
PORMarina MalheiroPhysioBalanced41-
ESPIrene MalloPhysioBalanced45Lugo-
ITARoberta ManzoniPhysioBalanced28-
CZEJitka MarhanovaPhysioBalanced32Sparta Praha-
PORCarla MarquesPhysioBalanced41-
PORSofia MarquesPhysioBalanced27-
URUJimena MárquezPhysioBalanced25Atenas de San Carlos-
ESPMarta RamírezPhysioBalanced23-
PORAna MartaPhysioBalanced23Porto Salvo-
TRIDernelle MascallCoachResolute31National B Licence
ITAGiordana MasonePhysioBalanced40-
ARGInés MassaccesiPhysioBalanced44Querétaro-
ENGZoe MatthewsPerformance AnalystFairly Determined25Tottenham-
URUAndrea MattiozziPhysioBalanced39-
COLMarcela MayaPhysioBalanced45Atlético NacionalContinental Pro Licence
ITASelena MazzantiniCoachBalanced46MonterosiContinental A Licence
SCOLorna McAuleyHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced40National A Licence
ENGMadeline McCavanaPhysioBalanced24Tranmere-
SCOVictoria McIntyrePhysioBalanced30-
ENGDenise McLeanPhysioBalanced32-
SCODanielle McNaughtPhysioBalanced30Bonnyrigg Rose-
ENGLynne MeasonPhysioBalanced53-
SVNRomina MecilosekPhysioBalanced36-
COLNathaly MejíaPhysioBalanced26-
TURMerve SuCoachBalanced32Continental C Licence
HUNDóra MesterPhysioBalanced25Haladás-
DENJane Meyer-ZeuthenCoachFairly Sporting42Silkeborg IFNational C Licence
PORInês MiguelHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced30CastrenseNational A Licence
UKRMaryna MindarevaFitness CoachBalanced37-
SRBDragana MitrovicPhysioBalanced33Radnik Surdulica-
TRIAhkeela MollonCoachFairly Determined34National B Licence
ITAAmanda Giacinta MontenegroCoachBalanced42Continental C Licence
URUMariana MontenegroPhysioBalanced31Central Español-
ENGYvonne MoorePhysioBalanced32-
ITACarolina MoraceManagerBalanced55Continental Pro Licence
PORAndreia MoreiraPhysioBalanced35-
ENGEmma MoylePhysioBalanced22-
POLAlicja MucharskaPhysioBalanced37-
SCOAnna MurrayPhysioBalanced29-
SCOKirsten MurrayPhysioBalanced29Dumbarton-
GERKatharina NadermannFitness CoachBalanced34VerlContinental A Licence
ECUCamila NájeraPhysioBalanced29Independiente del Valle-
ITAClaudia NasiniCoachBalanced44SansepolcroNational B Licence
ARGAna NavarroPhysioBalanced36Cipolletti-
CHIPaula NavarroManagerBalanced47Continental B Licence
SLVYasmín NavarroPhysioBalanced47FAS-
DENClaudia NielsenPhysioBalanced46-
FRASophia NigiPhysioBalanced31Monaco-
NEDKelsey NijssenCoachBalanced27Continental A Licence
BRANilmara AlvesFitness CoachBalanced38Manthiqueira-
SWETania NilssonPhysioBalanced29Djurgårdens IF-
GREMariela NisotakiPerformance AnalystFairly Ambitious27Norwich-
COLLady NuñezPhysioBalanced27Millonarios F.C-
NIRCatherine O'KanePhysioBalanced29Tobermore Utd-
ENGDanielle OgleySports ScientistBalanced25-
PORBeatriz OliveiraPhysioBalanced21Belenenses SAD-
PORSofia OliveiraPerformance AnalystFairly Professional26-
ITAAgnese OlivieroPhysioBalanced28-
USABeatriz OlmedoPhysioBalanced35Sacramento-
MEXBeatriz OlmedoPhysioBalanced36-
ESPSara OlmosFitness CoachBalanced33GerenaNational C Licence
COLGiovanna OrtegaPhysioBalanced39Boyacá Chicó F.C.-
ESPSílvia OrtegaPhysioModel Professional39Barcelona-
COLAdriana OspinaPhysioBalanced32Orsomarso S.C.-
COLMercedes OspinaPhysioBalanced52Deportivo Cali-
SWEAnette ÖsterlingCoachBalanced50Trosa-Vagnhärad SKNational A Licence
COLMariana PabónPhysioBalanced33Atlético Nacional-
ITAAngela PaesettoPhysioBalanced41-
COLLeidy PalechorPhysioBalanced27Independiente Santa Fe-
COLAndrea PalenciaPhysioBalanced28-
COLDiana PalenciaPhysioBalanced28-
ITAAngela PalomboDirector of FootballBalanced46Real Carsoli-
HKGPang Yik YuPhysioBalanced38Tuen Mun-
ITAPatrizia PanicoManagerBalanced44Continental A Licence
ITAMartina PanizzoPhysioBalanced26-
GREAliki PapaioannouFitness CoachBalanced39Thesprotos-
GREVasiliki PappaScoutBalanced39-
COLAngie PardoPhysioBalanced22Real San Andrés-
PORAna ParreiraPhysioFairly Professional26Lusitano Évora B SAD-
ENGNatasha PatelRecruitment AnalystFairly Determined31NY Red Bulls-
RSATracy-Lee PepperManagerBalanced47Alex UtdContinental A Licence
FINAnu PeräläFitness CoachFairly Loyal38JS Hercules-
ITASerena PerazzoPhysioBalanced26Spezia-
PORInês PereiraPhysioBalanced23Ferreira de Aves-
PORSara PereiraPhysioBalanced50-
COLAndrea PérezPhysioBalanced24Bogotá F.C.-
RSAKeshia PetersenPhysioBalanced30Ubuntu Cape Town-
USABrittany PetersonPhysioBalanced28San Diego-
RUSIrina PetrovaCoachBalanced56-
SVNTadeja PfeiferPhysioBalanced32Šampion-
ITACristiana PiangiarelliPhysioBalanced48-
AUTSigrid PichlerPhysioBalanced46RB Salzburg-
ENGHolly PickettSports ScientistBalanced28-
FINIita PienimäkiFitness CoachFairly Sporting27-
PORIsa PinheiroPhysioBalanced30-
ITADebora PiniPhysioBalanced31Ciliverghe Mazzano-
PORIsabel PintoPhysioBalanced36Castelo de Vide-
PORMariana PintoPhysioBalanced23Nova SBE-
PORSofia PintoPhysioBalanced25-
ITALaura PiottoPhysioBalanced32Castellana-
ITAValeria PirasPhysioBalanced29-
GIBClaire PitalugaPhysioBalanced38-
UKRLiliya PlihtaPhysioBalanced36-
ESPSusanna PlujàPhysioBalanced34Barcelona-
SVNSpela PoglajenPhysioBalanced33Bravo-
SRBMina PopovicPhysioBalanced30Borac 1926-
SRBRadojka PopovicPhysioBalanced48Mladost APA-
ENGRachel PotterFitness CoachBalanced42-
DENMinna PoulsenPhysioBalanced34-
ENGJess PreecePhysioFairly Professional29-
ENGMary PriestnerPhysioProfessional31-
CHNPu YanmengPhysioBalanced36CD Uniplay-
CHNQiao QiaoCoachBalanced39ULGB Qile-
FRARoxanne QueffelecPhysioBalanced28Troyes-
COLElvia QuinteroPhysioBalanced28-
COLJessica QuirogaPhysioBalanced30Junior-
ESTKristel RabaPhysioBalanced25Tulevik-
SRBMaja RadojcinPhysioBalanced31Budućnost Dobanovci-
BLRYuliya RakhmanavaPhysioBalanced29-
PORCátia RamosPhysioBalanced32Bobadelense-
PORPaula RamosPhysioFairly Loyal53Fontaínhas-
TRIJo-Ellen RedheadPhysioBalanced36W Connection-
WALKate ReesPhysioFairly Sporting45-
ENGMegan ReesbyRecruitment AnalystBalanced25Solihull Moors-
ENGMegan ReidPhysioBalanced34-
PORRita RibeiroPhysioBalanced25Mafra-
ENGJessica RichPhysioBalanced33-
ENGJenna RichardsPhysioBalanced33AFC Wimbledon-
NORCathrine RiiserPhysioSporting41Moss-
ITAMoira RissottoPhysioBalanced48-
ESPPatricia RivasPhysioBalanced31Barcelona-
WALHannah RobertsPhysioBalanced23Pentraeth-
SCOKaren RobertsonFitness CoachBalanced55Annan-
SCOPauline RobertsonPhysioBalanced34Wolves-
COLStefany RochaPhysioBalanced25-
ITAElena RodolfiManagerBalanced45PergoletteseNational B Licence
URULeticia RodríguezCoachBalanced35Continental B Licence
COLLina RodríguezPhysioBalanced27Deportivo Cali-
MEXZurisadai RodríguezPhysioBalanced27Puebla-
CRCJimena RojasAssistant ManagerBalanced36-
COLAna RosasPhysioBalanced29-
ITAGuendalina RossiCoachBalanced32CorticellaContinental C Licence
ARGSandra RossiSports ScientistProfessional59RiverContinental Pro Licence
ITAMichela RotunnoPhysioBalanced50Tre Penne-
USAAmber RowellRecruitment AnalystBalanced29-
SRBDragica RundicPhysioBalanced45Bežanija-
ENGLucy RushtonPerformance AnalystBalanced31Atlanta United-
ESPNatàlia RusiñolPhysioBalanced30Barcelona-
SUIMechthild RutschmannPhysioBalanced61Wil-
PORJoana SáPhysioBalanced32Carregal do Sal-
HUNPetra Sáfrány ZoiPhysioBalanced29III. Kerület-
ESTLiisi SakalaPhysioBalanced28Paide LM-
ARGVirginia SaleraPerformance AnalystBalanced31Newell's-
UKRVictoriya SamarFitness CoachBalanced47Chornomorets-2-
COLMaria SamudioPhysioBalanced26La Equidad-
ESPInmaculada Sánchez MoncayoPhysioBalanced36Antequera-
ESPNuria SánchezSports ScientistBalanced30Valencia Mestalla-
GREAnthoula SavvidouManagerBalanced35Continental C Licence
DENNina SchackPhysioFairly Loyal58Silkeborg IF-
NEDMilou SchoonemanCoachBalanced28Continental B Licence
DENLine Schouw JensenPhysioBalanced42-
GERStefania SchusterPhysioBalanced62-
ITAAnnalena ScorranoFitness CoachBalanced33Grottaglie-
ENGKatie SealyCoachBalanced27Continental B Licence
PORAna SenaSports ScientistBalanced23Portimonense-
COLSonia SernaPhysioBalanced39Once Caldas-
ITAClaudia SgarroPhysioBalanced28Cerignola-
CHNShangguan YanfeiCoachBalanced50-
UKRNataliya ShapovalovaCoachBalanced60SDUSOR Metalurg ZpContinental B Licence
ENGJessica ShawPhysioBalanced29Rotherham-
CHNShen HuangyingCoachBalanced47-
BLRAnastasiya ShlojdoFitness CoachBalanced27Rukh Brest-
HKGShum Hang ChingPhysioBalanced46Lee Man-
LTUIeva SimonelytePhysioBalanced26-
SCOKatie SingerPhysioBalanced29Swindon-
SCOJo SjobergPhysioBalanced53-
IRLCharlotte SkidmorePhysioBalanced37-
SWEMalin SkoogFitness CoachBalanced31-
BLRYulia SkshinetskayaFitness CoachBalanced34-
FROSúsanna SkylvFitness CoachBalanced41B71-
ENGCyra SmithPhysioFairly Loyal22Harrogate-
AUSKat SmithDirector of FootballBalanced36Continental A Licence
SWECarola SöbergGoalkeeping CoachFairly Sporting37Örebro SKContinental B Licence
NORThea Solli SagbakkenPhysioBalanced22Elverum-
PORAndreia SolpostoPhysioFairly Professional33-
ISRAya SorekRecruitment AnalystBalanced38-
ENGKatie SorensenRecruitment AnalystBalanced23Man City-
ENGTania SpiceCoachBalanced54Continental C Licence
LTUJolita StanevicieneFitness CoachBalanced45Dziugas-
GERAnke SteffenSports ScientistProfessional36-
POLEwa StellmachCoachBalanced39Odra OpoleContinental B Licence
ITASara StelmiPhysioBalanced33Levico-
ENGVikki StevensPhysioBalanced31Barnsley-
SCOMelanie StewartPhysioBalanced30St. Johnstone-
RSAElsa StormFitness CoachBalanced60-
GERLaura Stosno-KrohnCoachBalanced34National C Licence
NORMarita StrømmenPhysioBalanced30Continental B Licence
CHNSun Li'naPhysioBalanced41-
ISLHildur Kristín SveinsdóttirPhysioFairly Sporting42Breiðablik-
HUNNikolett SzórádiPhysioBalanced33Győr-
POLMarta Szymanek-PilarczykFitness CoachBalanced29Raków-
POLSara SzymaniakPhysioBalanced26Stal Brzeg-
ESTHannalore TaalPhysioBalanced25Tarvas-
ISRTzufit TadmorCoachFairly Sporting35Hapoel Tel-AvivContinental B Licence
HKGTai Cho KiuPhysioBalanced38-
HKGTai Man PuiPhysioBalanced40Happy Valley-
BLREkaterina TalashkoSports ScientistBalanced35Dinamo Brest-
ITAAlessia TaraniDirector of FootballBalanced44MonterosiContinental B Licence
ITAMaria TedescoFitness CoachBalanced26Nuova Florida-
PORCristiana TeixeiraCoachBalanced22Felgueiras BContinental B Licence
PORJuliana TeixeiraPhysioBalanced26Amarante-
COLLady TenjoPhysioBalanced28Independiente Santa Fe-
ESTReet TepaskindPhysioBalanced32Kuressaare-
ITAFederica TestaPhysioBalanced37-
GERSwantje ThomßenPhysioFairly Professional35Borussia Dortmund-
THASawita ThumviteePhysioBalanced34Ratchaburi-
GERAgnieszka Tobiasz-KolodziejPhysioBalanced46-
ENGAmy ToddPhysioBalanced33Fulham-
ITAClara ToffoliPhysioBalanced45-
SWELina TollinFitness CoachFairly Sporting34Hudiksvalls FF-
ENGEmma TonkinPhysioBalanced38-
ENGSamantha TormoPerformance AnalystBalanced30TenerifeContinental A Licence
NOREline TorneusCoachSporting34Continental B Licence
ESPPilar Torres DezaPhysioBalanced43Portonovo-
COLClaudia TorresPhysioBalanced33Independiente Santa Fe-
COLVicky TorresPhysioBalanced30-
FRACécile TraverseCoachFairly Professional45Continental A Licence
BLRDiana TropnikovaFitness CoachBalanced33Dinamo Minsk-
RSANastasia TsichlasCoachBalanced68Continental A Licence
ITADaniela TurraCoachBalanced42National C Licence
ENGGina TymmPhysioBalanced48-
FRADelphine UhelPhysioFairly Professional35Nice-
PERSheila UtaniPhysioBalanced29Deportivo Coopsol-
COLTania ValdésPhysioBalanced29Real Cartagena-
PORJoana ValentimPhysioBalanced28CAC Pontinha-
PORAna ValverdePhysioBalanced30Redondense-
NEDEmilie van BoekelPhysioBalanced31-
NEDElseline van der PollPhysioFairly Sporting43Shijiazhuang-
NEDAnne van DuijnPhysioBalanced30-
NEDPleun van GinnekenSports ScientistBalanced26NAC Breda-
BELIngrid VanherleHead of Youth DevelopmentFairly Professional49StandardContinental A Licence
PERJessica VelásquezPhysioBalanced34Llacuabamba-
LTUDalia VenckevicieneHead of Youth DevelopmentBalanced52Continental B Licence
SVNMilena VerbicPhysioBalanced55Šentjur-
ENGLisa VicatPhysioBalanced31Cirencester-
DMANadege VictorCoachBalanced30DublancContinental C Licence
ESPNerea VideiraPhysioBalanced34Boiro-
SRBBranislava VidicPhysioBalanced26Bačka-
COLJenny VillaPhysioBalanced31Deportivo Pereira-
ARGSilvana VillalobosManagerBalanced47Rodeo del MedioContinental B Licence
ITALorenza VisentiniDirector of FootballLight-Hearted38Delta Porto Tolle-
NEDMalon VisserPhysioBalanced29FC Eindhoven-
SRBJelena VuckovicPhysioFairly Ambitious35Jagodina-
SRBMilena VujaklijaPhysioBalanced29-
ATGKaren WarnerAssistant ManagerBalanced32Empire F.C.National A Licence
SCOSarah WatsonPhysioBalanced26-
SCOStephanie WellsPhysioBalanced29Stirling-
NEDCarla WhittieCoachBalanced47Go AheadContinental B Licence
SWEIda WibergPhysioBalanced29Västerås SKContinental A Licence
GERFranziska WickenhäuserPhysioBalanced27Sandhausen-
GERSabine WiedemannPhysioBalanced64Halberstadt-
ENGCharlotte WigmorePhysioBalanced34Chippenham-
ENGBethany WilcocksonSports ScientistBalanced23Mansfield-
WALEsther WillsRecruitment AnalystBalanced43-
SCOLauren WilsonPhysioBalanced24East Fife-
SCOSusan WilsonPhysioBalanced33Morton-
RSAMichele WitbooiPhysioBalanced35Cape Umoya Utd-
POLKatarzyna WójcikCoachBalanced34LegiaContinental B Licence
USASydney WolfePhysioBalanced32Nashville-
SWESara WoodbridgePhysioFairly Sporting31-
NIRCaroline WoodsPhysioBalanced42-
SCOMorgan WrightSports ScientistBalanced24Sheff Utd-
CHNWu TaoManagerBalanced37CD Decci-
GERImke WubbenhorstManagerBalanced31LotteContinental Pro Licence
CHIRocío YáñezManagerBalanced40National B Licence
HKGYeung WaiPhysioBalanced42Southern District-
POLMagdalena ŻądłoFitness CoachBalanced28Stal Mielec-
ITAGiorgia ZenaroGoalkeeping CoachBalanced40Virtus BolzanoNational B Licence
USAAngie ZiolkowskiPhysioBalanced28Memphis-

Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet

I’m a self-confessed spreadsheet geek and Football Manager addict, so when I stumbled on an opportunity to combine them both, of course I couldn’t resist!

What started as a simple spreadsheet for my own use in July 2019, it quickly became a project I have continuously worked on and developed for the last 8 months, turning into what I can now proudly release for public download.

But first…

Before I introduce you to the features of v2, I would like to say that the formula’s used in the spreadsheet and the results it gives are based on I have found works during my own saves in Football Manager. I can’t guarantee that they’ll work for every team so please don’t always take what it says as golden as I cannot promise the results are perfect.

How does this differ to v1.5?

  • New Club DNA Analysis feature
  • New Player Analysis sheet
  • New Squad Notes sheet
  • Top 3 Overview is now Top 5
  • Behind the scenes formula update to lower file size and increase speed
  • New colour scheme and layout

Feature Guide

After setting up the spreadsheet by following the installation guide in the zip file, you’ll be given several pages of data.

Each positional area has its own sheet, which is broken down further into the relevant roles.

Every squad player is given a rating based on how suitable they are for that role.

If the player is a natural in the position the role matches – e.g. ST as a Target Man, D (R) as a Wing-Back – they will receive a bonus rating

football manager spreadsheet position overview

Another way you can view role suitability is on the ‘Overall’ sheet. This shows every player and every role on one sheet.

→ The yellow cell can be edited to any percentage based on your required levels and, in turn, any matching ratings will be highlighted in light purple.

football manager attribute analysis spreadsheet overall positions
As an example, I find 70% is a good level for high-quality teams playing in Europe

→ The row to the right of the yellow cell shows how many of your squad have above your chosen percentage so you can see where you have the best depth for that role.

→ The column directly below the yellow cell shows how versatile a particular player is and how many roles, based on your percentage, they could comfortably play or even be retrained in if young enough.

Top 5
An ‘at a glance’ view of the top 5 players for each role, separated into sections based on the positional areas.

football manager attribute analysis spreadsheet top 5 positions

NEW – DNA Analysis
Club DNA is an often overlooked part of Football Manager which I touched upon on in the first part of my DNAjax blog. In short, DNA is all about building a squad that shares the same qualities. There are plenty of blogs around that go into a lot of detail so I’d recommend a quick Google search if you are interested in learning more.

This sheet will populate after you’ve imported your data into the ‘DNA Base’ sheet. The 5 core attributes (Bra, Cmp, Det, Tea, Wor) are my own personal choices so you may want to switch them out for 5 that suit your style of play better. Changing the attribute names on the ‘DNA Base’ sheet will update them on the ‘DNA Analysis’ sheet too.

football manager attribute analysis spreadsheet dna overview

Along with the 5 attributes, the DNA rating is also made up of the following:

Country Where Club is Based: Players who play in the country of their Nationality receive a 5pt bonus on their DNA score.

Core Squad Personalities: Up to 5 of the strongest personalities you’d like in your squad – a 20pt bonus goes to those who possess one of them.

Secondary Squad Personalities: Not every player will be perfect so choose up to another 3 personalities you’d find acceptable – a 15pt bonus will be applied.

Personalities to Develop (u23): Young players still have room to develop their personality with mentoring or experience. There will be a 10pt bonus given to anyone under 23 years old who has one of the personalities you enter here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have left in the examples used in my DNAjax save so you can see how the data is filled in – you just need to change your country to the three-letter abbreviation used in Football Manager and the personality types to suit your style of play.

Once all the above data has been filled in, the spreadsheet works its magic formula and gives a suggested squad for the player to be part of and even if you’d be better off without them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The formula takes into account the suitability percentage you enter on the ‘Overall’ sheet so don’t forget to fill it in or the calculations won’t work!

→ Players between the ages of 17 and 21 can be recommended for a loan spell away from the club in order to develop.

→ Players between the ages of 19 and 21 can be put forward for exposure to your First Team if they show high potential to be a star. I’d suggest training them with the senior squad and using them as a substitute or in cup games.

NEW – Player Analysis
Type the name, or use the drop-down menu, for one of your squad into the top box and it will pull the most important data from the other sheets into one place.

→ Club DNA % is calculated from the information inputted into the ‘DNA Analysis’ sheet. Edit the Target DNA box on the right to the lowest percentage you’d consider as an acceptable match for your DNA vision.

→ Use the Formation Suitability menu to type in, or select using the drop-down menu, the formation and roles being used in your tactic and it will work out whether they are a suitable fit (based on their top 3 roles) for your team.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When inputting your formation, please make sure you state both the role and mentality using the format in the example or the sheet will return an error.

NEW – Squad Notes
This was a last-minute addition to the spreadsheet after it was something I found came in useful whilst setting up my DNAjax save.

There isn’t anything automated about it but it enables you to have a sort of notepad for when you’re moving players around squads, setting up individual role training, or simply just wanting to keep track of who you’re offering out for transfers and loans.


The download you receive contains the following in a zip file:

  • Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Installation Guide

    Attribute Analysis
  • Custom Squad View
  • Custom Player Search View
  • Custom Shortlist View

    Squad DNA Analysis
  • Custom Squad View
  • Custom Player Search View
  • Custom Shortlist View

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using different core attributes for your Club DNA than what I have, don’t forget to change them on the views before exporting to the spreadsheet.

Because this version of the spreadsheet has taken so much work, I have made the decision to offer it as a download for a minimum £1 donation


If you’d prefer not to donate, then is a free version of the spreadsheet available which doesn’t include the Club DNA feature


{This spreadsheet is in no way affiliated with Football Manager)

DNAjax | Part Four – Role Assignment

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Versatile – able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities

Q: What is better than a player who can perform to a high standard in one position?
A: A player who can perform to a high standard in multiple positions.

In my last blog, I analysed my Ajax squad using my Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet – this involved assessing each player against the DNA I wanted them to possess and also the formation I’m intending to use.

DNAjax: Stage One Role Assignment

As you can see, I was left with positions I didn’t have an out and out player for. I could go straight to the transfer market and scour for someone world-class as money isn’t an issue for a team like Ajax, but why do that when there are 24 first team players I can choose from.

Step Four – Role Assignment

To gain a place in the Starting XI, a player must fit 2 criteria

  1. 60%+ rating in Squad DNA
  2. 60%+ rating in their role and squad formation
DNAjax Squad Notes

This immediately rules out 5 players, those who don’t fit the DNA just yet but I feel will after a season of training alongside the First Team or a loan spell, leaving me with 19 players for 11 positions.

Each player is then put through another assessment based on their formation suitability and potentially given a place in the starting XI:

Perfect Fit
DNA is above 60%
→ Formation suitability is above 60%
→ Best role within the formation is also their strongest role overall

In what could be seen as a bit of a shock, 19 year old Schuurs is the first name on the team sheet. Whilst he needs to work on his tackling, Schuurs is a natural CD according to my analysis and will hopefully thrive alongside some more experienced teammates.

DNA: 76%
CD (D): 63%

Good Fit
DNA is above 60%
→ Formation suitability is above 60%
→ Best role within the formation is their second strongest role overall

Blind is the epitome of DNAjax and with his Model Citizen personality, he’s going to be pivotal on and off the pitch this season.

DNA: 82%
DLP (S): 72%

DNAjax Andre Onana Profile

Onana just makes it in as first choice goalkeeper, his DNA is exactly on the cut off but he is still young enough to see an increase in his teamwork and workrate attributes.

DNA: 60%
G (D): 74%

Okay Fit
DNA is above 60%
→ Formation suitability is above 60%

The players whose strongest overall roles don’t fit the formation but who still rate high enough in the roles to do a good job – you could say these are the most valuable squad members as they can perform in more than one area – they are versatile.

DNAjax Joel Veltman Profile

Veltman is the second strongest CD (C) in the squad, second only to Magallan who is away on a prearranged loan for the season. My only concern would be his high aggression, he’ll need to keep that in check!

DNA: 77%
CD (C): 71%

Promes is destined to cause problems on the wing – his traits are underpinned nicely by his speed and fitness. At 27 years old, he’ll be an Ajax stalwart for many years to come.

DNA: 73%
IW (A): 69%

Making up the last of the defensive line is Tagliafico. Despite plying his trade as a left-back, his attributes suggest he’ll easily make the transition to CD.

DNA: 71%
CD (D): 72%

At 30 years old, Tadic is the second oldest in the First Team squad. Equally adept at playing on either side of the pitch, his physical stats are starting to dip but his flair, passing and vision are still strong enough to cause problems for the opposition defence.

DNA: 67%
WP (A): 72%

Choosing to use Huntelaar in my starting XI was a difficult decision to make. On one hand, he fits the criteria and is prolific in his history. On the other hand, he’s 35 years old so it’s a worry as to whether he’ll last the full campaign.

DNA: 64%
SS (A): 69%

After reassessing my squad, I can now see for certain where I need to invest in new signings

DNAjax Assigned Roles Stage 2

The priorities will be:
DM to play either role as Blind can perform well in both
→ DNAjax have nobody to play the CM positions so that is 100% a must buy
→ I would also like to look for a SS in their early to mid twenties so I can alternate with Huntelaar when he gets fatigued.

FM Union Wages Spreadsheet

Wages Spreadsheet

Absolutely love this Wages Spreadsheet by FM Union!

I’m always overspending on wages and I can never decide how much bonus I should offer for appearances and goals. Now I’ll never have to worry again as this amazing spreadsheet will work it all out for me!

Check out the FM Union YouTube channel for more details on how to use it, and be sure to give him a follow on Twitter too!

FM Union @ YouTube

Player Development Spreadsheet

After the success of my Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet, I’ve been itching to make more. I just haven’t had the time nor brainpower to do one due to a mass pandemic and the increased demands of my work. Until now!

The most often requested spreadsheet I get is one for player development and tracking it over the course of a few months or seasons. Whilst this is available in-game, this spreadsheet will give a more streamlined and clearer view of the data.

The spreadsheet was made for FM20 but I’ve no reason to believe it wouldn’t work in earlier versions. Please try it out and let me know!

Feature Guide

The first 10 sheets in the spreadsheet are where you’ll input the data exported from the game. Depending on how many months/seasons you’re comparing you can use all 10 or just a couple.

The sheets are currently numbered 1-10 but by right-clicking on the tab, you can rename these to anything you want.

FFM Player Development Spreadsheet

Once all the data you require is imported, head to the Development tab. This sheet is where you can compare the progress one of your players has made.

FFM Player Development Spreadsheet

→ Select cell B2 and type in the name of the player you want to track
→ In the data column, type in the name of the tabs you’re comparing

The attribute will turn green if there’s been an improvement and red if it’s declined.

At the bottom of the sheet, you’ll find a chart where you can compare the progress of up to 10 attributes.

In the coloured cells, you can type in or select from the drop-down menu the attributes you’re interested in.


The download you receive contains the following in a zip file:

  • Player Development Spreadsheet
  • Installation Guide
  • Custom Squad View


DNAjax | Part Three – Squad Analysis

Part One | Part Two

People have different ways to analyse their squads,
– some rely on Assistant and Coach reports and go with what they suggest
– some have an innate ability to just look at attributes and know exactly who will fit where
– some use a combination of reports and match practice
– some make a super in-depth spreadsheet that will analyse every player for them

It will come as no surprise that I fall firmly into the latter category.

I released v2 of my Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet recently and will be using it to set up my Ajax squad.

Having the best players you can at your disposal is the number one priority when it comes to squad management. Depending on the team you’re managing, it can also be one of the hardest things about FM.

With Ajax, I’m lucky to have a large squad at my fingertips. However, when looking at my assistant reports to see what he thinks their best positions are, this could also be seen as a hindrance.

I’m choosing to play a formation that doesn’t use strikers or fullbacks, so if I was to rely solely on my assistant, I’d immediately be letting 26 players leave without a second glance.

This is where my spreadsheet comes in, it gives every player another chance and reassesses their suitability for my formation. Players that could have been leaving may find their future at the club has suddenly become a lot more secure.

In the first two ( 1 | 2 ) parts of this series, I laid out the formation I wanted to play and the personality traits I wanted my team to possess. After setting up my spreadsheet to reflect this, I can now go ahead and analyse my players.

For those who haven’t seen the spreadsheet yet, I have devised a formula that rates each player based on their nationality, personality, age and formation/role suitability. Further details can be found on the spreadsheet download page

First Team

The first team originally consisted of 23 players, which increased to 24 after the squad analysis. Not a big difference numbers-wise but more than half of these players were newly promoted from the B-Team.

7 players were demoted due to being too young to cope with the demands of top-flight football or because their current skill level isn’t up to my standards.

5 players were added to the transfer list for a combined market value of £56m. There are some high profile players on the list, but that’s DNAjax for you – if you don’t fit the club culture then Ajax isn’t the club for you.

Using the best positions report from my Assistant, you can see 9 of the players would immediately leave. Taking advantage of my spreadsheet though, I can easily reassign everyone to their best position on the field based on my formation.

There is still a massive unbalance in the first team, but I’ll revisit this in my next blog.

Following the same process, I can also quickly form my B and Youth squads.


Originally 32 players strong, the B-Team has been cut drastically to just 9 players. This is the biggest cull of all 3 squads but it isn’t something I’ll be concerned about as the First Team players who aren’t currently getting match time will be made available for the reserves.

10 players were added to the transfer list for a combined market value of £8.3m. A further 7 will be offered out for a loan in order to receive some match experience.

3 players would have left immediately if I relied on my Assistant Report.

After assigning everyone to the role that fits my formation, I’m more than happy with the balance on the pitch – as previously mentioned, the gaps will be covered by rotating First Team players.

Youth Team

Starting with 27 players, the squad now consists of 12. In the same way that I’ll be using First Team players for the reserves, I’ll be using the younger squad members to plug the gaps in youth games too. The small squad size also lessens the workload on the coaches and gives the chance to offer more one on one coaching for our up and coming stars.

No players were deemed good enough for promotion to a higher level but we have seen 3 demoted into the squad.

A massive 19 have been released from the club, with 2 being offered out on loan.

Only 3 would have seen their careers cut short by the Assistant Manager.

As with the First Team, there is an unbalance in the squad after assigning their roles and I’ll be looking at using players in their secondary roles.


Out of the initial 82 man squad, 36 players have either been asked to leave or will be leaving as soon as teams come bidding. This is still 16 more than my ideal squad size, but over the course of the season players will naturally drift away from my plans and I’d be open to selling them.

The balance of the squad needs some work but this is something I’ll address in Step Four – Role Assignment. The process will involve reassessing certain players and seeing if they could perform elsewhere on the pitch, for example, could the DLP’s be equally at home as a VOL?

DNAjax | Laying the Foundations

In the first part of DNAjax, I outlined what I am aiming to do with the save – it’s something I’ve never done before so I’m going completely out of my comfort zone and there’ll be a lot of learning along the way.

Player ability will still be at the forefront of the save, but there’ll also be a big focus on mentality and personality – it may lead to some big names leaving the club early on but Janneke van Langen is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

AJAX is a squad that could fall into the overwhelming category, over their 3 teams they have amassed a total of 82 players.

82 players is a large amount for most clubs:
– how do you manage rotation to keep everyone happy while also developing tactical partnerships?
– how do you ensure your youth players get the right development?

82 players is definitely a large amount for DNAjax.

With such a vast amount of players, there’s no doubt about what’s needed, at least half will have to leave in 2019/2020.

Looking towards the future, a squad size of around 25-30 should be sufficient but let’s not run before we can walk, we’ve got to make it through the first season without getting sacked first!

The first year is all about laying the foundations:
Step 1 – Club DNA
Step 2 – Formation Selection
Step 3 – Player Assessment
Step 4 – Role Assignment
Step 5 – Transfer Targets

Step One – Club DNA

More detail is covered in my first post but here’s a reminder of the type of squad I have envisaged for DNAjax,

Step Two – Formation Selection

The majority of managers would take a look at their squad and decide what formation best suits them based on the players at their disposal. However, to make things even more difficult for myself, I allowed Twitter to choose.

With already having intensive plans for the save, the last thing I wanted to do was create a new formation so I put out an SOS for people to send me their tactics – the only conditions were it needed to include attacking and entertaining football (to satisfy the board) and a DM position (to satisfy my desire to use Daley Blind).

I had a dozen or so sent to me and eventually narrowed it down to the three I liked the look of most. Putting it to a short public vote, a 32410 formation by Ryan_FMTeacher was chosen. I’ll be tweaking it as I go but will be starting from the following base

As you’ll soon see, Ajax is lacking in the first team striker area – currently only having an ageing Klaas-Jan Huntelaar at our disposal – so going strikerless could actually work out pretty well!

Step Three – Player Analysis

Player Analysis is one of the most important areas of FM, it’s also one of the most time-consuming.

Imagine if someone made a spreadsheet that would cut down on the number of screens you need to look at.

Imagine if all you had to do was type a players name into a box and all the information you need would magically appear in front of you.

Oh, right, I did that!

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to player analysis so there will be another blog coming soon. In the meantime, here are some more graphics showing the scale of what I’ll be dealing with – a pretty unbalanced 82 man squad.