Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet

I’m a self-confessed spreadsheet geek and Football Manager addict, so when I stumbled on an opportunity to combine them both, of course I couldn’t resist!

The main idea came from when I was managing Milan in FM19 and had a squad of 100+ players to assess for their role and position suitability, I found the number of screens I had to go through very cumbersome and wanted a more streamlined way to view the data I needed.

And so the spreadsheet was born and developed into what you see now!



The download you receive contains

  • Installation Guide
  • Feature Guide
  • Custom Squad View
  • Analysis Spreadsheet

I’m making the spreadsheet available for free, however, if you’d like to donate a little something then you’re more than welcome to do so.

Custom View for Player Searches

I’ve also added a separate download for a custom view to be used on the Player Search page, you export this data in the same way you would on your Squad View.


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