CSKA-Sofia: 5212 WB Tactic

I’m not a tactician so there isn’t a big write up or analysis to follow, but here’s the CSKA-Sofia tactic, used for 3 seasons, that won the Champions League in the 3rd season.

It’s not always easy but it gets there in the end, scores goals and doesn’t concede many. It may need tweaking to fit your squad, but it worked wonders with my CSKA team.

Don’t start with OI but listen to the Assistant’s feedback during the game and make changes based on that.

Against bigger teams, start with an attacking mentality and change to cautious once a goal ahead.

If they equalise, change back to attacking and repeat until the last 10 minutes when you should go very defensive.

CSKA-Sofia tactic
CSKA-Sofia tactic
CSKA-Sofia tactic

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