DNAjax | An Introduction

Chances are if you’re visiting my blog, you’re here because you’ve happened across the Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet I released last year. If you’re a follower of my Twitter account, you’ll also have seen I’m slowly working on some new features for v2 of the spreadsheet.

It’s the biggest FM project I’ve ever worked on so I can’t currently give an estimated release date, but what I can do is give a few sneak peeks!

I’ve been using the essence of it in my CSKA-Sofia save but as that came to a natural hiatus after season 3, I’ve decided to start up a new save to really test it out.

If the image above doesn’t give it away, welcome to my Ajax save!

DNAjax is a save about creating a solid and dependable team – it’s not about signing the best players, it’s about signing the right players.

I won’t go into detail about what DNA means in FM as there are plenty of blogs out there already, Passion4FM gives a great introduction guide and MikaelinoFM has a fantastic Man Utd save going, this is just my own little (and simplified) version.


I’ve never needed much of an excuse to throw together a cheeky little diagram and here we are again!

There are 5 key attributes that I want every player to embody that I feel should make a pretty solid squad member when combined

  • Bravery – how likely he is to perform what he thinks is the best action for the team, regardless of the possible physical consequences

  • Composure – how unaffected he is by mental pressure, reducing the chances of making poor decisions

  • Determination – how much he tries to succeed in a match, doing whatever he can to win and develop

  • Teamwork – how well he follows instructions and forms relationships on and off the pitch

  • Workrate – the amount of physical effort he put into a match and the drive to perform well