DNAjax | Part Four – Role Assignment

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Versatile – able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities

Q: What is better than a player who can perform to a high standard in one position?
A: A player who can perform to a high standard in multiple positions.

In my last blog, I analysed my Ajax squad using my Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet – this involved assessing each player against the DNA I wanted them to possess and also the formation I’m intending to use.

DNAjax: Stage One Role Assignment

As you can see, I was left with positions I didn’t have an out and out player for. I could go straight to the transfer market and scour for someone world-class as money isn’t an issue for a team like Ajax, but why do that when there are 24 first team players I can choose from.

Step Four – Role Assignment

To gain a place in the Starting XI, a player must fit 2 criteria

  1. 60%+ rating in Squad DNA
  2. 60%+ rating in their role and squad formation
DNAjax Squad Notes

This immediately rules out 5 players, those who don’t fit the DNA just yet but I feel will after a season of training alongside the First Team or a loan spell, leaving me with 19 players for 11 positions.

Each player is then put through another assessment based on their formation suitability and potentially given a place in the starting XI:

Perfect Fit
DNA is above 60%
→ Formation suitability is above 60%
→ Best role within the formation is also their strongest role overall

In what could be seen as a bit of a shock, 19 year old Schuurs is the first name on the team sheet. Whilst he needs to work on his tackling, Schuurs is a natural CD according to my analysis and will hopefully thrive alongside some more experienced teammates.

DNA: 76%
CD (D): 63%

Good Fit
DNA is above 60%
→ Formation suitability is above 60%
→ Best role within the formation is their second strongest role overall

Blind is the epitome of DNAjax and with his Model Citizen personality, he’s going to be pivotal on and off the pitch this season.

DNA: 82%
DLP (S): 72%

DNAjax Andre Onana Profile

Onana just makes it in as first choice goalkeeper, his DNA is exactly on the cut off but he is still young enough to see an increase in his teamwork and workrate attributes.

DNA: 60%
G (D): 74%

Okay Fit
DNA is above 60%
→ Formation suitability is above 60%

The players whose strongest overall roles don’t fit the formation but who still rate high enough in the roles to do a good job – you could say these are the most valuable squad members as they can perform in more than one area – they are versatile.

DNAjax Joel Veltman Profile

Veltman is the second strongest CD (C) in the squad, second only to Magallan who is away on a prearranged loan for the season. My only concern would be his high aggression, he’ll need to keep that in check!

DNA: 77%
CD (C): 71%

Promes is destined to cause problems on the wing – his traits are underpinned nicely by his speed and fitness. At 27 years old, he’ll be an Ajax stalwart for many years to come.

DNA: 73%
IW (A): 69%

Making up the last of the defensive line is Tagliafico. Despite plying his trade as a left-back, his attributes suggest he’ll easily make the transition to CD.

DNA: 71%
CD (D): 72%

At 30 years old, Tadic is the second oldest in the First Team squad. Equally adept at playing on either side of the pitch, his physical stats are starting to dip but his flair, passing and vision are still strong enough to cause problems for the opposition defence.

DNA: 67%
WP (A): 72%

Choosing to use Huntelaar in my starting XI was a difficult decision to make. On one hand, he fits the criteria and is prolific in his history. On the other hand, he’s 35 years old so it’s a worry as to whether he’ll last the full campaign.

DNA: 64%
SS (A): 69%

After reassessing my squad, I can now see for certain where I need to invest in new signings

DNAjax Assigned Roles Stage 2

The priorities will be:
DM to play either role as Blind can perform well in both
→ DNAjax have nobody to play the CM positions so that is 100% a must buy
→ I would also like to look for a SS in their early to mid twenties so I can alternate with Huntelaar when he gets fatigued.