Female Footballers in Football Manager: Sam Kerr

Female Footballers in Football Manager: Sam Kerr

This is a series where I ask ChatGPT to rate some of the top female football players in the world in the style of a Football Manager profile.

Introduction: Rating Female Footballers Using ChatGPT

In part 2, the focus is on one of the most dynamic players in women’s football, Sam Kerr.

ChatGPT’s Analysis of Sam Kerr

Sam Kerr Football Manager Profile

Player Traits

Gets Forward Whenever Possible – Kerr is always looking to make runs behind the defence and get into scoring positions.

Likes to Beat Opponent Repeatedly – Kerr is known for her dribbling ability and often takes on defenders one-on-one.

Runs with Ball Often – Kerr’s pace and direct style of play make her a threat when running with the ball at her feet.


Kerr is a highly talented player with a CA of 178 and a PA of 184.

Kerr has excellent physical attributes, including exceptional pace, agility, and acceleration, which allow her to create space and outmanoeuvre her opponents.

Kerr’s finishing ability is one of her strongest attributes, making her a consistent goal scorer and a lethal striker in front of the net.

She possesses good technique and dribbling skills, allowing her to control the ball and maneuver through tight spaces.

Her teamwork and work rate are also noteworthy, as she is always willing to track back and defend, making her a well-rounded player both on and off the ball.

Kerr’s leadership abilities and determination make her a valuable addition to any team, and with her high potential ability, she has the potential to become one of the best players in the game.

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