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The A-Z of Football Manager

The A-Z of Football Manager is a collaborative project where 26 members of the FM community have written 26 blog posts, each focusing on a different letter of the alphabet.

Roy Kent and the Art of Tough Love

A guide to implementing the management style of Roy Kent into your Football Manager saves.

Women’s Football

Female Staff Shortlist

Shortlist containing over 1700 female members of staff for you to hire in FM23, featuring staff profiles of the highest rated.

Rating Female Footballers with ChatGPT

A series where I ask ChatGPT to rate some of the top female football players in the world in the style of a Football Manager profile.

the future of women's football in football manager

Women’s Football in FM

My thoughts on the upcoming addition of Women’s Football within Football Manager


Attribute Analysis

theFFM Attribute Spreadsheet rates your entire team for every role and position within Football Manager.

Football Manager Spreadsheets

Progress Trackers

Two further spreadsheets – one to track Player Development over 10 seasons and a Club Progress Tracker.


Surviving Football Manager

A light-hearted look at some tips and tricks you can use to stay sane while you’re playing Football Manager.

The Mid-Cycle Slump

Tips on how to overcome the mid-cycle slump and keep your passion alive when you feel stuck in a rut.



An FM22 beta save where I used attributes and personalities to rebuild Ajax and take them to domestic success.