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Finding Female Staff in Football Manager: A Shortlist for FM24

Comprehensive list of Football Manager female staff members

Are you tired of scrolling through the massive database trying to find female staff in Football Manager? Well, you’re not alone. Despite the game’s efforts to promote diversity, it can still be a challenge to identify and recruit talented women for your backroom team.

That’s why I’ve put together a shortlist of every female staff member in FM24 to help you save time and boost your chances of success. With over 2000 female staff members listed, there are plenty of opportunities to build a more diverse and inclusive team.

Keep reading to learn how I found them and discover some of the highest-rated members of the list.

Finding Female Staff in Football Manager

To create the shortlists I used the official FM24 Editor (24.0.0 database) which can be downloaded through Steam.

A lot will have randomly generated stats so you may find someone amazing in one save is poor in another. And vice versa. Depending on what size database you use, not everyone will appear in your save.

Download Female Staff Shortlist

To download the shortlist please find the link below.

Your download will contain up to 2129 staff members, the actual amount shown will depend on the database size and leagues you have loaded.

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