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Save Progress Tracker & Player Development Spreadsheet

Football Manager Spreadsheets

Revisiting two of my previous Football Manager Spreadsheets – the Save Progress Tracker and Player Development Spreadsheet.

If you’re a nerdy Football Manager player like me, you probably enjoy keeping track of your team’s progress and player development. That’s why I created two handy spreadsheets that will help you track your achievements and players.

Save Progress Tracker

This may not have elaborate formulas or advanced features, but it’s a simple and practical spreadsheet that gets the job done. Just update it as you move through the seasons and track your progress. I suggest simply changing the cell colour for each achievement, as I’ve done in my tweets above.

Football Manager Progress Tracker

I’ve left the spreadsheet unlocked so you can personalise the achievements you wish to track. I’ve tried to cover all the bases, allowing you to track 12 leagues and 12 cups, making it suitable for long-term saves. If you make any edits, don’t forget to tag me on Twitter and share your creations!

Player Development Spreadsheet

This was one of most requested spreadsheets I used to get asked for. While the game itself provides a player progress screen, this spreadsheet offers a more streamlined and clearer view of your players’ progress.

Although initially designed for FM20, it will work well with other versions too.

Football Manager Spreadsheets

The first 10 sheets in the spreadsheet are where you input the data exported from the game. Depending on the amount of months/seasons you want to compare, you can use all 10 sheets or just a few. Feel free to rename the sheets by right-clicking on the tab.

Once you’ve imported the data, go to the Development tab.

Football Manager Player Development

This is where you can track the progress of individual players. Simply select cell B2 and enter the name of the player you want to track. In the date column, input the names of the tabs you’re comparing. The attribute will turn green if there’s improvement or red if its declined. It’s an easy way to assess player growth.

Football Manager Player Progress

At the bottom of the sheet, you’ll find a chart that allows you to compare the progress of up to 10 attributes. Just type or select the attributes you’re interested in from the drop-down menu, and the chart will update.

The download you receive contains the following in a zip file:

  • Player Development Spreadsheet
  • Installation Guide
  • Custom Squad View

Happy tracking!

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