I quite often get asked the same questions on Twitter, so I have this put little page together with a few links to the resources I use.

Firstly, I don’t stream and have no immediate plans to do so. However, I have a Twitch account ready to go if I ever change my mind.


skin resources

My go to skin for FM23 is FM.Zweierkette by NorsemanLP

theFFM Tip: If you find a skin you love, donate to the creator. They put a lot of time and effort into making them for the community.

I’m also learning to do minor skin editing myself. I recommend visiting the Skinning Hideout if this is something you’re interested in.


database resources

For my Sheffield save, I’m using the English Lower Leagues Database from DanFMDatabases.

theFFM Tip: Same as for the skins, donate! Creating databases is the most time consuming and frustrating thing a creator can do.

Newgen Faces

newgen resources

I’m a control freak with my saves so I like to do as much as possible myself, and this includes making Newgen faces. I say making but what I mean is; I put a prompt into Midjourney, choose one of the 4 it creates, cut it out with and then import it into Football Manager with fmXML.

It sounds complicated but it’s really not!
After a couple of goes, you’ll soon be an expert and making them for every Newgen you get through your ranks.

You can download some of my previously used faces in packs at my Buy Me a Coffee page.

If you want some ready made, visit View From The Touchline, they have over 47,000 available.

Guido also has a great guide on his site for Creating Your Own Newgen Faces, with prompt ideas to try.

But if you’re more a visual learner, have a watch of How to Generate and Add AI Custom Faces to FM23 by Clayts.

Save Overview

overview  resources

“What skin is this?”

It’s not a skin, it’s a graphic I made in Canva.

I’m happy to make one for you, just throw me some cash through Buy Me a Coffee first.

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