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Sheffield United: Blades Bingo

In my previous Blades of Glory post, I briefly mentioned my aims for the Sheffield United save, and now I’m finally going to go into a little more detail about a few of them.

‘Blades Bingo’ is a series of 10 objectives I want to achieve during FM24; some are easier than others, and there’s definitely a few I’m not even sure I’ll manage, but I guess that’s what makes it so fun!

Each objective, if/when achieved, will trigger me to make a donation to Mind, the actual amount will be decided at the time via a number generator, with the value ranging from £2 to £10.

Blades Bingo

Break 10 Real Life Club Records ⏳

Using the club history screen within the game, I have chosen 30 club records and will aim to break 10 of them.

To make things a little more interesting, I’ve gone for a mixture of positive and negative records.

I’ve also just decided, quite literally, as I had the idea as I was writing this, that I’ll donate for each of the broken records due to me thinking I won’t quite reach the magic 10. The amount will be between £2 and £5.

If you’ve been following my save on X, you’ll see it’s not exactly been easy, so it’s only fitting that one of the first records I’ve broken is for losing! Hamer wasn’t a planned sale, but when Saudi comes in with a £30 million offer, it’s hard to say no, plus the money can be reinvested elsewhere.

Bring Billy Sharp Back t’Lane ✔️

Even as a Wednesday fan, it’s not difficult to say Billy Sharp is probably one of the best players United have had during my lifetime. Knowing his contract at LA Galaxy would soon be up in-game, I made it my mission to bring him back home.

He first came in on loan and then was signed permanently for £70k; he’s not set the league alight and only played 3 games, but it’s more of a future vision I have for him.

While still playing, he’s been the mentor for some younger strikers and has been pursuing his coaching licences. As of the 2024/25 season, he forms part of the u18 coaching staff, and the plan is to keep sending him on courses until he’s (hopefully) ready to become my assistant.

Billy Sharp FM24

For achieving this objective, the number generator has decided on £9.50 as my donation.

Beat 134 Different Teams ⏳

Originally, I was going to do ‘Beat the 92’ and attempt to beat all 92 EFL teams, but I decided this wasn’t enough of a challenge and wanted to raise the stakes.

Sheffield United were founded in 1889, so at the beginning of the season, Sheffield United had been in existence for 134 years. This seemed like a nice little number to me – not too easy but not overly difficult either.

Only competitive games count, so those 20-0 thrashings of lower league teams during preseason are off-limits.

It’s not been the quickest of starts at checking this objective off due to my absolutely terrible league form (P38, W8, D5, L25), but ‘Blades of Glory’ is a long-term save, and at the current rate, we’ll be done with this one by Season 2033/34!


Ticking off some of the main objectives and new side quests leads me to donate £15.20 to my Mind fundraiser, taking the total up to £792.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so through my Justgiving page, by purchasing my Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet or by subscribing to me on Buymeacoffee, where a £5 monthly donation can see you become a newgen in my save!

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