FM20 Female Staff

Comprehensive list of FM20 female staff members

There are over 1000 female staff members listed in FM20 but how many can you name?

That’s what I thought.

To remedy this, I have put together shortlists to make them easier to find. I’ve also highlighted a few of the higher rated staff members.

How did I find female staff in FM20?

To create the shortlists I used the official FM20 Editor (20.4.0 database) which can be downloaded through Steam.

I have only included those who rate 15+ interest for a job role as this makes them more likely to sign.

A lot will have randomly generated stats so you may find someone amazing in one save is poor in another. And vice versa.

Depending on what size database you use, not everyone will appear in your save.

There isn’t any interest in being a female Technical Director or Loan Manager, so we all need to hope FM21 will change this!


Assistant Manager

FM20 Female Staff - Helena Costa
Helena Costa | Portugal | Fairly Professional
Assistant Manager | Manager | Coach | Scout

Shortlist Contains: 38 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download


FM20 Female Staff - Dernelle Mascall
Dernelle Mascall | Trinidad & Tobago | Resolute
Coach | Assistant Manager

Shortlist Contains: 53 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download

Goalkeeping Coach

FM20 Female Staff - Merete Johansen
Merete Johansen | Norway | Fairly Professional
Goalkeeping Coach

Shortlist Contains: 9 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download

Fitness Coach

FM20 Female Staff - Sofia Billger
Sofia Billger | Sweden | Fairly Professional
Fitness Coach | Physio

Shortlist Contains: 50 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download


FM20 Female Staff - Silvia Ortega
Silvia Ortega | Spain | Model Professional
Physio | Sports Scientist

Shortlist Contains: 152 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download

Sports Scientist

FM20 Female Staff - Sandra Rossi
Sandra Rossi | Argentina | Professional
Sports Scientist

Shortlist Contains: 36 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download

Head of Youth Development

FM20 Female Staff - Ingrid Vanherle
Ingrid Vanherle | Belgian | Fairly Professional
Head of Youth Development

Shortlist Contains: 16 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download

Scout / Data Analyst

I found most people were as equally interested in both roles so combined shortlists

FM20 Female Staff - Lucy Rushton
Lucy Rushton | English | Balanced
Scout | Data Analyst
FM20 Female Staff - Vasiliki Pappa
Vasiliki Pappa | Greek | Balanced

Shortlist Contains: 24 Staff Members
Shortlist Link:  Download

Director of Football

Every DoF I found in the database has randomly generated stats. I’ve uploaded the shortlist but there’s a strong possibility none will be up to standard.

Shortlist Contains: 8 Staff Members
Shortlist Link: Download

Download All Shortlists

To download all the shortlists in one zip file please find the link below.
Your download will include 2 bonus shortlist files:
→ staff rated highly for working with youth
→ shortlist featuring all 339 staff members


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NatNameAgePreferred RolePersonalityClub
 ATG        Karen Warner                   31 Assistant Manager          Balanced             Empire F.C.              
 AUS        Karla Reuter                   34 Assistant Manager          Balanced                                      
 SWE        Sara Häggström                 39 Assistant Manager          Fairly Sporting                               
 JAM        Barbara Black                  34 Assistant Manager          Balanced             Lime Hall                
 JAM        Toni Cowan                     25 Assistant Manager          Balanced                                      
 JPN        Eri Momotake                   35 Assistant Manager          Balanced                                      
 ESP        Laura Calvo                    34 Assistant Manager          Balanced             San Marcial              
 CHI        Rocío Yáñez                    38 Assistant Manager          Balanced                                      
 SWE        Johanna Almgren                34 Assistant Manager          Balanced                                      
 CRC        Jimena Rojas                   35 Assistant Manager          Balanced                                      
 SWE        Eva Lambertsson                52 Assistant Manager          Balanced             Hudiksvalls FF           
 TUR        Duygu Erdogan                  30 Assistant Manager          Resolute                                      
 SWE        Anna nzén                   43 Coach                      Fairly Sporting      Olympiacos FC            
 GRE        Katerina Falida                36 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 NED        Kelsey Nijssen                 26 Coach                      Fairly Determined                             
 DEN        Jane Meyer-Zeuthen             41 Coach                      Sporting             Silkeborg IF             
 SWE        Anna Dahl                      45 Coach                      Fairly Sporting      Kista SC KFUM            
 GER        Carolin Braun                  32 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 SWE        Ulrika Hed                     41 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 ITA        Daniela Turra                  41 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 GIB        Zarajan Lopez                  28 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 ISR        Gal Chervoni                   45 Coach                      Balanced             Beitar Tel-Aviv          
 POL        Katarzyna Wojcik               33 Coach                      Balanced             Legia                    
 ITA        Claudia Nasini                 43 Coach                      Balanced             Sansepolcro              
 ITA        Amanda Giacinta Montenegro     44 Coach                      Fairly Professional  Bisceglie                
 KOR        Kim Sun-Young                  36 Coach                      Balanced             HZ Caozhou               
 COL        Mercedes Ospina                51 Coach                      Balanced             Deportivo Cali           
 RSA        Keleabetwe Diale               38 Coach                      Balanced                                      
         Cécile Traverse                44 Coach                      Fairly Professional                           
 SCO        Shelley Kerr                   48 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 IRL        Lisa Fallon                    42 Coach                      Professional                                  
 GER        Inka Grings                    40 Coach                      Resolute                                      
 SWE        Annika Hansson                 48 Coach                      Sporting             FC Djursholm             
 SWE        Anette Österling               48 Coach                      Sporting             Trosa-Vagnhärad SK       
 SYR        Maha Janoud                    33 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 TPE        Cheng Hsia-ying                39 Coach                      Balanced             I-Shou Univ.             
 TPE        Chen Ya-ling                   39 Coach                      Balanced             Chung Shan I.C.S.        
 TPE        Chang Hu-ching                 39 Coach                      Balanced             Chung Shan I.C.S.        
 TRI        Dernelle Mascall               30 Coach                      Resolute                                      
 TRI        Ahkeela Mollon                 33 Coach                      Fairly Determined                             
 DMA        Nadege Victor                  28 Coach                      Balanced             Dublanc                  
 TUR        Merve Su                       31 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 UKR        Nataliya Shapovalova           58 Coach                      Balanced             SDUSOR Metalurg Zp       
 SMA        Dagmar Daal                    28 Coach                      Balanced             Oualichi                 
 COL        Mari Luz López                 54 Coach                      Balanced             Envigado F.C.            
 CHN        Qiao Qiao                      38 Coach                      Balanced             ULGB Qile                
 ITA        India Calaciura                48 Coach                      Balanced                                      
 ITA        Selena Mazzantini              45 Coach                      Balanced             Monterosi                
 AUS        Kat Smith                      38 Director of Football       Balanced             Green Gully              
 POL        Martyna Goral                  28 Director of Football       Jovial               Lechia                   
 POL        Karolina Pakula                36 Director of Football       Balanced             Warta Gorzów Wlkp.       
 BRA        Luiza Estevão                  22 Director of Football       Balanced             Brasiliense              
 ITA        Angela Palombo                 40 Director of Football       Balanced             Real Carsoli             
 ITA        Lorenza Visentini              37 Director of Football       Light-Hearted        Delta Rovigo             
 BRA        Lígia nzon Zat              31 Director of Football       Balanced             Guarani VA               
 HKG        Kwok Ching Yin                 27 Director of Football       Balanced             Yuen Long                
 ESP        Sara Olmos                     32 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Gerena                   
 ITA        Paola De Camillis              46 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Casalbordino             
 FIN        Iita Pienimäki                 26 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      JJK                      
 FIN        Heli Rekimies                  41 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Ilves                    
 FIN        Anu Perälä                     37 Fitness Coach              Fairly Loyal         JS Hercules              
 ITA        Valentina Garbi                43 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Viscontea Pavese         
 ENG        nkie Hunter                 29 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Middlesbrough            
 ISR        Lee Berkovic                   23 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 ENG        Cat Malcolm                    24 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Southend                 
 POL        Justyna Glowacka               41 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Stilon                   
 POL        Magdalena Zadlo                27 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Stal Mielec              
 DEN        Line Andrea Hansen             29 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      Esbjerg fB               
 ITA        Annalena Scorrano              32 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Grottaglie               
 NOR        Helene Lerbrekk                33 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      Bryne                    
 NIR        Julie Alexander                35 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Ballymena Utd            
 ITA        Maria Tedesco                  25 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Nuova Florida            
 ITA        Tina Aluisio                   52 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 RUS        Maria Burova                   33 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Zenit                    
 RUS        Elena Afanasjeva               52 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 SCO        Sarah Boyd                     32 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 SCO        Karen Robertson                54 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Annan                    
 SWE        Elin Hegestrand                36 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Norrby IF                
 SWE        Josefine Hultgren              35 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting                               
 ENG        Sally Holmes                   50 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 SWE        Malin Skoog                    30 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 AUT        Bianca Gasser                  30 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 SWE        Susanne Lidgren                50 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      Oskarshamns AIK          
 ENG        Rachel Potter                  41 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 SWE        Lina Tollin                    33 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      Hudiksvalls FF           
 SWE        Malin Johansson                26 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      Östersunds FK            
 RSA        Elsa Storm                     59 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 ITA        Silvia Caporale                30 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 SWE        Emma Holmqvist                 26 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting                               
 BLR        Anastasiya Shloydo             25 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Rukh                     
 SWE        Sofie Henriksson               30 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting                               
 SWE        Sofia Billger                  26 Fitness Coach              Fairly Professional                           
 SWE        Maria nfie Bendito          26 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      Rågsveds IF              
 BLR        Yulia Skshinetskaya            33 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 ITA        Arianna Cara                   46 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Ostiamare                
 UKR        Yulia Krevsun                  38 Fitness Coach              Balanced                                      
 UKR        Victoriya Samar                46 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Chornomorets-2           
 UKR        Maryna Mindareva               36 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Metalist 1925            
 BUL        Eleonora Gurbanova             40 Fitness Coach              Balanced             Dunav                    
 SWE        Ida Wiberg                     28 Fitness Coach              Fairly Sporting      Karlbergs BK             
 ITA        Giorgia Zenaro                 45 Goalkeeping Coach          Balanced             Virtus Bolzano           
 ESP        Elena Fernández Castaño        25 Goalkeeping Coach          Balanced             Adarve                   
 NOR        Merete Johansen                47 Goalkeeping Coach          Fairly Professional                           
 SWE        Maria Madland                  42 Goalkeeping Coach          Fairly Sporting                               
 SWE        Jessica Höglander              25 Goalkeeping Coach          Balanced                                      
 SWE        Petra Hautalahti               24 Goalkeeping Coach          Balanced             BKV Norrtälje            
 NZL        Jenny Bindon                   45 Goalkeeping Coach          Balanced                                      
 USA        Catherine Gordon               55 Goalkeeping Coach          Balanced             Dayton Dutch Lions       
 BEL        Ingrid Vanherle                48 Head of Youth Development  Fairly Professional  Standard                 
 ITA        Carmen Galavotti               54 Head of Youth Development  Balanced             Forte Querceta           
 LTU        Dalia Venckeviciene            51 Head of Youth Development  Balanced                                      
 ITA        Michela Lego                   48 Head of Youth Development  Balanced             Stresa                   
 SMR        Loredana Vagnini               47 Head of Youth Development  Balanced                                      
 ISL        Helga Helgadóttir              42 Head of Youth Development  Fairly Sporting      Haukar                   
 ITA        Cristina Russo                 53 Head of Youth Development  Balanced                                      
 SMR        Valeria Canini                 32 Head of Youth Development  Balanced                                      
 ITA        Jessica Panuccio               33 Head of Youth Development  Balanced                                      
 FIN        Christina Kindt                42 Head of Youth Development  Balanced             Sp Kristina              
 WAL        Hannah Dingley                 34 Head of Youth Development  Balanced             Forest Green             
 ROU        Lorena Balaci                  40 Head of Youth Development  Balanced                                      
 SCO        Lorna McAuley                  39 Head of Youth Development  Balanced                                      
 SWE        Johanna Johansson              50 Head of Youth Development  Balanced             BKV Norrtälje            
 ITA        Alessia Tarani                 47 Head of Youth Development  Balanced             Monterosi                
 ARG        Silvana Villalobos             44 Manager                    Balanced             Rodeo del Medio          
 RSA        Sheryl Botes                   43 Manager                    Balanced                                      
 RSA        Tracy-Lee Pepper               46 Manager                    Balanced             Alex Utd                 
 ENG        Emma Hayes                     42 Manager                    Balanced                                      
 ITA        Elena Rodolfi                  44 Manager                    Fairly Determined    Offanenghese             
 AUS        Carmel Lowe                    37 Manager                    Balanced             Ingham FC                
 BUL        Iva Dancheva                   31 Manager                    Balanced             Miziya 2005              
 CHI        Paula Navarro                  45 Manager                    Balanced             Santiago Morning         
 CHN        Wu Tao                         36 Manager                    Balanced             CD Dechi                 
 GRE        Anthoula Savvidou              34 Manager                    Balanced                                      
 NOR        Eli Landsem                    56 Manager                    Balanced                                      
 SWE        Therese Kapstad                42 Manager                    Fairly Sporting      Täfteå IK                
 HKG        Chan Yuen Ting                 30 Manager                    Balanced                                      
 BRA        Nilmara Alves                  37 Manager                    Balanced             Manthiqueira             
 ENG        Gill Holt                      43 Physio                     Balanced             Bristol City             
 ENG        Kath Hopwood                   36 Physio                     Balanced             Chester                  
 ENG        Claire Houston                 41 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 ESP        Beatriz López Arribas          32 Physio                     Balanced             At. Pinto                
 ESP        Noelia García                  42 Physio                     Balanced             Arandina                 
 ESP        Sílvia Ortega                  37 Physio                     Model Professional   Barcelona                
 ESP        Susanna Plujà                  33 Physio                     Balanced             Barcelona                
 ESP        Patricia Rivas                 30 Physio                     Balanced             Barcelona                
 ESP        Erica                          38 Physio                     Balanced             QD Huanghai              
 ESP        Natàlia Rusiñol                29 Physio                     Balanced             Barcelona                
         Sophie Pesson                  53 Physio                     Balanced             SO Romorantin            
         Sophia Nigi                    30 Physio                     Balanced             AS Monaco                
         Séverine Chapeyron             37 Physio                     Balanced             Clermont                 
 GER        Melanie Hubert                 30 Physio                     Light-Hearted        Lotte                    
 GER        Julia Bohn                     30 Physio                     Balanced             Karlsruhe                
 GER        Lisa Gehrke                    29 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 GER        Anja Strobel                   34 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 GER        Swantje Thomßen                34 Physio                     Fairly Professional  Borussia Dortmund        
 GER        Mandy Rosenschon               33 Physio                     Light-Hearted        Magdeburg                
 GER        Christine Forster              39 Physio                     Balanced             1860 München             
 GIB        Eva Carneiro                   45 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 GIB        Joyce Evans                    47 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 HKG        Kuan Chun Yuan                 43 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 HUN        Szilvia Vass                   32 Physio                     Balanced             Vasas                    
 IDN        Uggy                           49 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 IDN        Fortunella Levyana             27 Physio                     Balanced             Terengganu City          
 IRL        Gráinne Desmond                37 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 IRL        Rachel Skeffington             33 Physio                     Model Professional                            
 IRL        Charlotte Skidmore             36 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 ISL        Hildur Kristín Sveinsdóttir    41 Physio                     Balanced             Breiðablik               
 ISR        Anat Landau-Tirush             43 Physio                     Balanced             Hapoel Be’er-Sheva       
 ITA        Sara Fabris                    32 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 GER        Karolin Kieffer                39 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 JAM        Julia Cousins                  35 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 JAM        Ashauna Davis                  26 Physio                     Light-Hearted                                 
 JAM        Dr Karen Julius                46 Physio                     Fairly Ambitious     Harbour View             
 MEX        Beatriz Olmedo                 35 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 NED        Elseline van der Poll          42 Physio                     Fairly Sporting      SJZ Ever Bright          
 NIR        Lynne Carpenter                32 Physio                     Balanced             Glenavon                 
 NIR        Suzanne Rollins                35 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 NIR        Catherine O’Kane               28 Physio                     Balanced             Tobermore Utd            
 NIR        Julie Fegan                    32 Physio                     Balanced             Warrenpoint              
 NIR        Melissa Harrison               32 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 NOR        Beate Ytreberg                 54 Physio                     Sporting             Fløya                    
 NOR        Ann Hege Marken                48 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 NOR        Beatrice Hilland               46 Physio                     Sporting                                      
 NZL        Angela Davis                   40 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 PER        Jhenny Arlett Huambo           48 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 PHI        Daisyree Anarna                38 Physio                     Balanced             LC Sailors               
 ITA        Melodi Protesi                 30 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 POR        Andreia Solposto               32 Physio                     Fairly Professional                           
 POR        Inês Gonçalves                 22 Physio                     Balanced             Vilanquense           
 RSA        Jacqui McCord-Uys              55 Physio                     Balanced             SuperSport Utd           
 ARG        Inés Massaccesi                43 Physio                     Balanced             Querétaro                
 AUT        Michaela Knull                 43 Physio                     Balanced             FC Admira Wacker Mödling 
 SCO        Megan Finlayson                27 Physio                     Balanced             Turriff United           
 SCO        Jenny Graham                   34 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SCO        Becky Dunphy                   35 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 AUT        Katrin Frötscher               31 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SCO        Nicola McIntyre                24 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 AUT        Sara Habenicht                 29 Physio                     Balanced             Wolfsberger AC           
 SCO        Katie Singer                   28 Physio                     Balanced             Swindon                  
 SCO        Karen Gibson                   37 Physio                     Balanced             Hearts                   
 SCO        Emma Parkinson                 25 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SCO        Rachel Cater                   33 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 AUT        Stefanie Dörfler               23 Physio                     Balanced             SK Austria Klagenfurt    
 SCO        Jane Johnstone                 28 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SCO        Alannah MacPherson             21 Physio                     Balanced             Clyde                    
 SCO        Alyson Fielding                37 Physio                     Balanced             Morton                   
 AUT        Barbara Lausecker              25 Physio                     Balanced             SK Vorwärts Steyr        
 SCO        Pauline Robertson              33 Physio                     Balanced             Wolves                   
 SCO        Steph Wells                    28 Physio                     Balanced             Stirling                 
 SCO        Susan Wilson                   31 Physio                     Balanced             Morton                   
 SCO        Aileen Anderson                30 Physio                     Balanced             Motherwell               
 SCO        Jenna Orr                      30 Physio                     Balanced             Stenhousemuir            
 SIN        Sukitha Herath                 39 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SIN        Audrey Lim                     46 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 AUT        Gabriele Mayr                  35 Physio                     Balanced             FC BW Linz               
 AUT        Martina Dreer                  33 Physio                     Balanced             FC Juniors OÖ            
 AUT        Nicole Prommegger              40 Physio                     Balanced             FC Liefering             
 SRB        Jelena Vuckovic                34 Physio                     Fairly Ambitious     Jagodina                 
 SVN        Romina Mecilosek               35 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Emma Palovaara                 27 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 AUT        Daniela Reischl                37 Physio                     Balanced             LASK                     
 AUT        Cornelia Werdenich             31 Physio                     Balanced             FC RB Salzburg           
 AUT        Sigrid Pichler                 45 Physio                     Balanced             FC RB Salzburg           
 BEL        Sofie Poelman                  42 Physio                     Balanced             Sparta Petegem           
 SWE        Emelie Forsberg                31 Physio                     Balanced             GIF Sundsvall            
 BEL        Sanne Callant                  27 Physio                     Balanced             Knokke                   
 SWE        Rebecca Rehn                   24 Physio                     Balanced             IFK Östersund            
 SWE        Ulrika Eriksson Gerbino        52 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 SWE        Frida Eklund                   32 Physio                     Sporting                                      
 SWE        Linda Eisersjö                 37 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 BRA        Regia Maria De Oliveira Coelho 48 Physio                     Fairly Professional  Manaus                   
 SWE        Frida Roos                     27 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 SWE        Irma Rydasp                    58 Physio                     Sporting             IFK Berga                
 SWE        Rebecca Samuelsson             28 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 SWE        Ida Sillman                    32 Physio                     Balanced             GIF Sundsvall            
 BRA        Cilmara Moretti                56 Physio                     Balanced             São Paulo                
 BUL        MIla Mateeva                   39 Physio                     Balanced             Lokomotiv Sofia          
 SWE        Jasmine Abulkheir              33 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Felicia Colliander             24 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 CAN        Aly Vogelzang                  28 Physio                     Balanced             Wycombe                  
 SWE        Caroline Adamsson              29 Physio                     Fairly Professional  Skövde AIK               
 COL        Nathalia López                 39 Physio                     Balanced             Leones F.C.              
 ANG        Guilhermina Alves              30 Physio                     Balanced             1º de Agosto             
 SWE        Lina Lienius                   30 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 SWE        Anna Telleus                   45 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 COL        Naxali Bohórquez               32 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Lena Thörnqvist                30 Physio                     Balanced             Laholms FK               
 COL        Tania Valdés                   28 Physio                     Balanced             Real Cartagena           
 COL        Karol García                   36 Physio                     Balanced             Once Caldas              
 SWE        Oda Lindahl Schei              25 Physio                     Fairly Sporting      GIF Sundsvall            
 CZE        Marie Ludvikova                54 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Julia Lundberg                 22 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Matilda Lundblad               36 Physio                     Fairly Professional  IF Elfsborg              
 CZE        Jitka Kamarytova               30 Physio                     Balanced             Sparta Prague            
 DEN        Majbritt Holm Svendsen         49 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 ENG        Amanda Johnson                 44 Physio                     Fairly Ambitious     ASPIRE                   
 SWE        Sara Vettersand                37 Physio                     Fairly Loyal         Anundsjö IF              
 SWE        Hanna Högbom                   25 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Karolina Ljung                 26 Physio                     Balanced             Helsingborgs IF          
 SWE        Julia Militz                   27 Physio                     Fairly Sporting                               
 SWE        Anette Larsson                 47 Physio                     Balanced             Vårgårda IK              
 ENG        Katie Joynes                   24 Physio                     Fairly Loyal                                  
 SWE        Linnéa Gustavsson              26 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 ENG        Lauren Wood                    33 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 ENG        Michaela Barnett               28 Physio                     Balanced             Brighton                 
 SWE        Maria Bandh                    47 Physio                     Sporting             Bodens BK                
 SWE        Tania Nilsson                  28 Physio                     Fairly Sporting      Djurgårdens IF           
 SWE        Sofia Hedlund                  40 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 ENG        Alice Major                    33 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Sara Woodbridge                30 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 SWE        Marie Öijvall Linnros          58 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 ENG        Catherine Chambers             28 Physio                     Fairly Loyal         Sutton                   
 SWE        Helene Andersson Molina        52 Physio                     Balanced                                      
 ENG        Vikki Stevens                  30 Physio                     Balanced             Barnsley                 
 SWE        Jenny Larsson                  33 Physio                     Balanced             Östersunds FK            
 SWE        Anna Kellermalm                29 Physio                     Balanced             FC København             

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