Mastering Football Manager: Unveiling the Ultimate Attribute Spreadsheet!

Mastering Football Manager: Unveiling the Ultimate Attribute Spreadsheet!

football manager spreadsheet

Are you a Football Manager fanatic with a love for spreadsheets?

If so, I’ve got something that’ll make your managerial heart leap with joy. Picture this: merging your passion for the game with a touch of data-driven wizardry. Enter theFFM Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet—your key to unlocking hidden player potential and gaining that extra edge on the pitch.

My journey with this spreadsheet began as a personal quest to enhance my gaming experience back in July 2019. As a die-hard Football Manager aficionado and self-proclaimed spreadsheet geek, I found myself tinkering away, creating a tool that revolutionised how I strategized and played the game. It wasn’t long before the lightbulb flickered on, urging me to share this gem with fellow managers like you.

But hey, before we dive into the world of winning formulas and gameplay triumphs, let me spill the tea—or rather, set the record straight. The results you’ll extract from this spreadsheet are the culmination of my own trials, tribulations, and triumphs within the game. While it’s been a game-changer for me, I can’t guarantee a universal fit for every team out there. Consider it more of a guiding star than an immutable gospel.

Now, onto the exciting part: getting this powerhouse tool set up for your own gaming arsenal. Follow these steps:

How to Install theFFM Football Manager Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet

1) Import the theFFM Attribute Analysis 2024 view into Football Manager via Custom > Import View > theFFM Attribute Analysis 2024.fmf

2) Press CTRL + P and save the webpage in your preferred location

3) Open both theFFM Attribute Analysis 2024 spreadsheet and the saved webpage in Excel

4) Highlight all player data (excluding the top row and SIGames link) using CTRL + C

5) Navigate back to theFFM Attribute Analysis 2024 spreadsheet, selecting cell B3 on the ‘Base’ sheet

6) Press CTRL + Alt + P, then select the ‘Values’ option

football manager attribute spreadsheet

Voila! Your spreadsheet is primed and geared to dissect player attributes, aiding you in clinching those crucial victories in Football Manager. Remember, while this tool has been a game-changer for me, different teams might require a touch of personal finesse. But why not give it a shot? After all, every little bit helps in the thrilling world of Football Manager.

theFFM Football Manager Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet Features

So, you’ve followed the seamless installation guide for the theFFM Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet. Now, get ready to embark on a managerial journey like never before, armed with an array of powerful features that will elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

Let’s delve into the treasure trove of functionalities this spreadsheet brings to the table:

Formation Selector

With the Formation Selector, simply use the drop-down menu or type your formation’s roles in the relevant position. This information seamlessly flows into multiple screens without any extra effort on your part.

Player Overview

Effortlessly gather crucial player data in one place. Type in a player’s name or choose from the drop-down menu to access vital information from every sheet. Highlighting attributes with scores of 16+ in green and 11-15 scores in blue, this feature also showcases each player’s abilities for the roles within your formation, emphasising the top three. It considers their position on the pitch within the rating.

football manager attribute spreadsheet

Overall Rating

A view of every player and their suitability for various roles awaits you here. The rating system incorporates bonuses for players naturally suited to a position. Tweak the green cell percentage to match your team’s requirements. Matching ratings are highlighted in green, while the row next to the green cell indicates the number of squad members meeting your chosen percentage. Select a position from the drop-down menu in the blue cell to instantly highlight compatible roles for that position.

As an example, I find 70% ideal for a Premier League team playing in Europe

Top Rated by Role

Need a quick rundown of the top 5 players for each role? This feature separates them for an easier view and highlights the roles utilised in your formation, ensuring a swift and comprehensive overview.

football manager attribute spreadsheet

Overall Positions

This sheet displays an average of each role combined with foot strength and best position, edit the percentage in the same way as the Overall Roles sheet to align with your team’s abilities.

Top Rated by Position

Another ‘at-a-glance’ display offers the top 5 players for each position, aiding in swift decision-making during squad analysis.

Squad Notes

Automating manual tasks, this sheet lets you effortlessly add personalised notes while displaying key data. Filter the ‘Best Role in Formation’ cells by role to streamline your data analysis, especially handy when dealing with vast amounts of information.

Get ready to revolutionise your Football Manager gameplay with these cutting-edge features, seamlessly integrated into the theFFM Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet. Manage your team like a pro and conquer the virtual pitch with unparalleled tactical finesse!

Download the Spreadsheet for Enhanced Gameplay

Get your hands on the Attribute Spreadsheet by downloading the zip file, which also includes four different views:

  • theFFM Attribute Analysis 2024 Spreadsheet
  • theFFM Attribute Analysis 2024 Squad View
  • theFFM Players in Range View
  • theFFM Scouted Players View
  • theFFM Shortlist View
Direct Download

FM2023 Attribute Analysis

Although it’s a slightly different layout, my Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet for FM23 is still available to download

Direct Download

{This spreadsheet is in no way affiliated with Football Manager)
(Blog post written with ChatGPT)


Q: The spreadsheet is password-protected; can you send me the password?
A: It doesn’t need a password; any cells you need to edit are unlocked; I’ve password-protected the rest to prevent accidental editing of the formulas.

Q: When I export from the player search, some players are showing up as instead of their name.
A: To prevent this, you need to highlight all players on the search page before exporting the data.

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