The A-Z of Football Manager Guide

The A-Z of Football Manager Guide

I’ve always been blown away by the FM community and the amount of knowledge within it. One day, an idea struck me – why not bring everyone together to produce something that has never been done before, uniting the community and celebrating our shared love for the game in the process.

26 different members of the community have contributed to the series, exploring every nook and cranny of Football Manager. From lower league football to tactics, in-depth guides and heart-warming stories, each post is unique in topic and style, there’s definitely something for everyone.

The A-Z of Football Manager has been a really labour of love for me, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all.

I want this series to become an essential part of the Football Manager community, so please share it everywhere on social media, in your group chats, and even tell the people you pass in the street. Let’s make the A-Z of Football Manager something that brings joy and excitement to everyone!

A for Adu

B for Brighouse Town (LLM)

C for Carrilero

D for Director of Football

E for Extra Time

F for Future

G for Graphics

H for Homegrown

I for Injuries

J for Journeyman

K for Knowledge

L for Losing

M for Match Preparation

N for Newgens

O for Off Season

P for Picking Your Team

Q for Quixote

R for Real Life

S for Set Pieces

T for Tactics

U for USA

V for Versatility

W for Wonderkids

X for xG

Y for Youth

Z for Zepiqueno Redmond

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