Football Manager A-Z: W for Wonderkids

Football Manager A-Z: W for Wonderkids

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Today’s guest author is @fm_wonderkids!

What Are Wonderkids in Football Manager?

Football Manager fans have come accustomed to hearing about ‘wonderkids’ – young footballers who exhibit impressive skills and vast potential. Generally speaking these players are aged below 21 (although my scope stretches up until age 22). Their talents vary widely in terms of position and nationality; some have already earned accolades for their performance while others have yet to make their mark. Regardless one should keep in mind that not all wonderkids will end up delivering on their virtual game projections.

What makes a wonderkid truly exceptional in Football Manager?

Well, a top-notch wonderkid in Football Manager is essentially a young player brimming with untapped potential and boasting impressive current ability ratings. The potential ability rating takes center stage as it determines the player’s capacity for growth and improvement over time. The higher the potential ability rating, the greater the likelihood of that player blossoming into a genuine world-class talent.

However, potential ability isn’t the sole benchmark to consider. It’s equally crucial to take into account the player’s current ability ratings, which reflect their current skill level. A wonderkid with high current ability ratings may prove instrumental to your team right from the get-go, even if they haven’t yet reached their full potential.

Beyond these aspects, several other factors warrant consideration when seeking out a top-quality wonderkid. Firstly, their position in the game holds significance, as different positions demand distinct skill sets. Therefore, identifying players who possess the requisite attributes for the specific position you require is of greatest importance. Additionally, age plays a pivotal role, as younger players have more time to nurture their abilities and unlock their full potential. However, a player’s personality can be a significant factor. Those with exceptional determination and professionalism are more likely to fulfil their potential compared to those with lower ratings in these areas.

Speaking from my own perspective, I tend to prioritize attributes such as determination, work rate, and personality. Additionally, I pay close attention to specific attributes in most players I aim to sign, such as composure, decisions, technique, passing, concentration, stamina, and natural fitness.

Here are some Personalities to look out for –

  • Model Citizen(High in all hidden attributes)
  • Model Professional( High professionalism & good temperament)
  • Professional( High professionalism, good temperament & Good-Excellent Leadership)
  • Light-Hearted( High Pressure & Sportsmanship. Good Determination, professionalism & Leadership)
  • Resolute( High Determination & Professionalism with good leadership)
  • Perfectionist( Good Determination, Professionalism & Ambition)

All in all, a remarkable wonderkid in Football Manager includes a strong blend of high potential ability, impressive current ability ratings, suitable attributes for the desired position, a young age conducive to development, and a commendable personality. By identifying and nurturing such players, you can construct a thriving team poised for success in the future.

Why Are Wonderkids Important in Football Manager?

Wonderkids play a vital role in the game as they possess the potential to become the cornerstone of your team for a considerable period. They can be instrumental in securing long-term success and often come at a more affordable price compared to established players. In addition, nurturing wonderkids can prove to be an immensely gratifying journey as you witness their growth and witness them fulfilling their immense potential.

How to Find Wonderkids in Football Manager

Start by Researching

The first step in finding wonderkids in Football Manager is to do your research. You can start by browsing the game’s database or scouting reports to identify young players with high potential ratings. You can use my many shortlists I put out on my Twitter

Use Scouting Tools

Football Manager comes with a variety of scouting tools that can help you find wonderkids. The most important of these tools is the player search function, which allows you to filter players by age, position, potential ability, and other attributes. You can also use the player comparison tool to compare the attributes of different players and identify potential wonderkids. I’d suggest using the player search with age is 15-18, whatever position your looking for & click ok. Then on the column put “Media Description” & find “Wonderkid” as a media description.

As you can see I have highlighted in yellow the media description & found 4 wonderkids.

Attend Matches and Tournaments

Attending matches and tournaments can be a great way to discover young talent. You can scout players in person and get a better sense of their playing style and potential. Additionally, attending tournaments can give you the opportunity to see young players from different countries and leagues.

Sign Youth Prospects

Signing youth prospects can be a great way to develop wonderkids. Many clubs have youth academies that produce talented players, and you can sign these players before they become established stars. You can also sign players from smaller clubs who have the potential to become great.

Keep an Eye on the Transfer Market

The transfer market can be a great source of wonderkids. You can search for players who are available for transfer and have high potential ratings. Additionally, you can monitor the transfer market for players who are unhappy at their current clubs or have fallen out of favour with their managers.

Tips for Developing Wonderkids in Football Manager

Before we go any further, if you want an in depth guide on how to develop wonderkids on FM, I wrote a full guide on Youth Development for Sortitoutsi.

Give Them Playing Time

One of the most important things you can do to develop wonderkids is to give them playing time. Young players need regular playing time to develop their skills and reach their potential. You can give them playing time in cup matches or as substitutes in league games. My rule for this ages 15-17 is all about training & 18+ is about game time

Train Them Effectively

Training is also important in developing wonderkids. You can assign specific training regimes to your young players based on their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you can give them individual training to improve specific attributes. As mentioned above ages 15-17 is all about training & 18+ is about game time

Loan Them Out

Loan spells can be a great way for young players to gain valuable experience. You can loan your wonderkids out to smaller clubs where they will get regular playing time and develop their skills. Additionally, loan spells can give you the opportunity to monitor your players’ progress and decide whether to bring them back into your team or sell them for a profit. I’d suggest loaning out to a club with good facilities.


Mentoring can be a great way to help wonderkids develop their personality. You can assign experienced players into mentoring groups with your young players and help them improve their attributes. Mentors can also help young players settle into the team and adapt to the culture of the club.

Manage Expectations

Managing expectations is important when developing wonderkids. While they have high potential, not all wonderkids will develop into world-class players. You should set realistic goals for your young players and avoid putting too much pressure on them. Additionally, you should be patient and give them time to develop their skills.


What is the difference between a wonderkid and a regen in Football Manager?

A: A wonderkid is a young player who is already in the game’s database, while a regen is a new player generated by the game after a retired player leaves the game.

Can wonderkids develop into world-class players in every save of Football Manager?

A: No, the development of wonderkids is influenced by a variety of factors, including their potential ability, the quality of coaching and training facilities, and their playing time.

How do you know if a player is a wonderkid in Football Manager?

A: You can identify wonderkids by their high potential ability rating in the game’s database. As mentioned above you can look at a players media description & that is one of the many ways of finding wonderkids

Can you develop wonderkids into different positions than the one they are initially assigned in Football Manager?

A: Yes, with the right training and development, players can be developed into different positions than the one they are initially assigned.

Can you sign wonderkids from other clubs in Football Manager?

A: Yes, you can sign wonderkids from other clubs by making transfer offers or negotiating contracts with their agents.

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