I recently got a new Mac Mini and wanted to see how well it could handle FM23. To really put it through its paces, I loaded up two massive setup files from my Steam Workshop: Load All Leagues and Load All Players for an FM23 Future Save.

I set up a dummy manager and put them on holiday for 10 seasons, and then came back to see how the Football Manager world had evolved.

471,000 Players and 123 Leagues Loaded

That’s right, I loaded up 471,000 players and 123 leagues. With such a huge database, you might worry about game speed, but don’t stress too much! The high player count mainly affects transfer windows and player searches, while the leagues might slow things down a bit, but it’s all worth it to see such a detailed and dynamic football world.

Concerned About Game Speed?

If you’re not a hardcore FM player and speed is a concern, you can streamline things by removing leagues and countries you’re not interested in and then holidaying until they are no longer active.

Returning to the Save After 10 Seasons

I was excited to see how the top leagues, cups, and players had changed over the decade.
Here’s what I discovered:

Highest Ranked Leagues: Past Winners

Highest Ranked Cups: Past Winners

FM23 Future Save - Copa Libertadores
Copa Libertadores
FM23 Future Save - English FA Cup
English FA Cup

World Team of the Year: All Seasons

Here’s a look at the World Team of the Year from 2022 to 2032, highlighting the standout players over the decade:

Players with the Highest Current Ability

Wonderkids with Highest Current Ability

Download the FM23 Future Save File & Shortlists

Want to explore this exciting future yourself? Download the save file and dive into a world where you can experience the evolution of football over the past decade. Manage new talents, face fresh challenges, and build your dream team.

FM23 Future Save Mediafire Download
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And if you’re looking for the best players and wonderkids, check out these four shortlists featuring:

  • Top 100 Players
  • Top 100 Free Transfers
  • Wonderkids
  • Future Prospects

These lists are perfect for anyone looking to build a powerhouse squad or discover the next big star.

FM23 Future Save Shortlists Direct Download
Direct Download

Birmingham City Challenge

After simulating 10 years, one particular challenge caught my eye, and I’ve made it available for you to try yourself.

Don’t have a full gaming setup? No problem! I’ve streamlined the original save by removing all leagues except those in the UK and Ireland. This means you can focus on the action and not worry about lagging or long loading times.

Can you help Birmingham rise from the ashes and reclaim their spot in the top leagues?

It’s January 2034, and they’re currently in the National League after two consecutive relegations. With limited funds, you’ll need to rely on loans and free transfers to build a winning team, but first, you’ll need to free up some wage budget.

Are you up for the challenge?

To keep things interesting, I’ve loaded all 18 leagues in the UK and Ireland, providing a wide range of teams and players to face. Although there are still over 467,000 players in the game, you should only notice a slight slowdown during transfer windows and player searches—nothing that will hinder your gameplay experience.

The save file, which starts on 01/01/2034, can be downloaded below:

FM23 Future Save Birmingham Download
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(Blog post written with assistance from ChatGPT)