Place in the Promised Land: Can You Lead Birmingham to Glory in FM23?

Place in the Promised Land: Can You Lead Birmingham to Glory in FM23?

Ready for a new Football Manager challenge that will put your skills to the test? Look no further than the Birmingham Save Challenge! After simulating 10 years of FM23, one particular challenge caught my eye, and now I’ve made it available for you to try yourself.

Don’t have a full gaming setup? No problem! I’ve streamlined the original 10 Year Save by removing all leagues except those in the UK and Ireland. This means you can focus on the action and not worry about lagging or long loading times.

FM23 Save Challenge: Birmingham: Can You Reclaim Their Spot in the Top Leagues?

Can you help Birmingham rise from the ashes and reclaim their spot in the top leagues?

It’s January 2034, and they’re currently in the National League after two consecutive relegations. With limited funds, you’ll need to rely on loans and free transfers to build a winning team, but first, you’ll need to free up some wage budget.

Are you up for the challenge?

Birmingham Save Challenge Overview - Football Manager 2023 - 2034 Season

League and Player Setup: What to expect in your Birmingham Save Challenge

To keep things interesting, I’ve loaded all 18 leagues in the UK and Ireland, providing a wide range of teams and players to face. Although there are still over 467,000 players in the game, you should only notice a slight slowdown during transfer windows and player searches—nothing that will hinder your gameplay experience.

File Download: Where to download the Birmingham file

The save file, which starts on 01/01/2034, can be downloaded from Mediafire via the link below:

Download Save File

FM23 save challenge

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