Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet

I’m a self-confessed spreadsheet geek and Football Manager addict, so when I stumbled on an opportunity to combine them both, I couldn’t resist… welcome to The FFM Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet!

What started as a simple spreadsheet for my own use in July 2019, became a project I developed even further and turned into this public download.

But first…

The results this spreadsheet gives are based on what I have found works during my own saves in Football Manager. I can’t guarantee that they’ll work for every team so please don’t always take what it says as golden.


→ Import the FFMAnalysis view into Football Manager (Custom > Import View > FFMAnalysis 2022.fmf)

→ Press CTRL + P and save as a web page in your preferred location

→ Open the FFMAttributeAnalysis 2022 spreadsheet and webpage in Excel

→ Highlight all the player data (everything except the top row and SIGames link) then press CTRL + C

→ Return to the FFMAttributeAnalysis 2022 spreadsheet and select cell B4 on the ‘Base’ sheet

→ Press CTRL + Alt + P, then select the ‘Values’ option

The setup is now complete and the spreadsheet will populate with data


After setting up the spreadsheet by following the installation guide, you are given several pages of data.

Each positional area has its own sheet, which is broken down further into the relevant roles.

Every squad player is given a rating based on how suitable they are for that role.

If the player is a natural in the position the role matches – e.g. ST as a Target Forward, D (R) as a Wing-Back – they will receive a bonus rating

Another way you can view role suitability is on the ‘Overall Rating’ sheet. This shows every player and every role in one place.

→ The yellow cell can be edited to any percentage based on your required levels. Any matching ratings will be highlighted in light purple.

As an example, I find 70% is a good level for high-quality teams playing in Europe

→ The row to the right of the yellow cell shows how many of your squad have above your chosen percentage so you can see where you have the best depth for that role.

→ The column directly below the yellow cell shows how versatile a particular player is and how many roles, based on your percentage, they could comfortably play or even be retrained in if young enough.

Top 5
An ‘at a glance’ view of the top 5 players for each role, separated into sections based on the positional areas.

Player Overview
Type the name, or use the drop-down menu, for one of your squad into the top box and it will pull the most important data from the other sheets into one place.

Squad Notes
There isn’t anything automated about it but it enables you to have a sort of notepad for when you’re dealing with your squad. The columns have been left blank for full customisation.


The download you receive contains the following in a zip file:

  • Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Squad View
  • Player Search View
  • Scouted View
  • Shortlist View

This download is the updated version for FM22, it is still a work in progress and some features of previous versions might be missing

FM22 (beta)

For older versions of FM, please download from the links below


{This spreadsheet is in no way affiliated with Football Manager)

Football Manager Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet