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Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet: Streamline Your Player Analysis and Recruitment Process

Attributes Analysis Spreadsheet

I’m a huge Football Manager fan and a bit of a spreadsheet geek. So, when I saw a chance to combine the two, I jumped at it. That’s how theFFM Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet came to life!

Originally, I created this spreadsheet for myself back in July 2019. But, I loved using it so much that I decided to develop it further and share it with all of you.

But first: the results you get from this spreadsheet are based on what has worked for me in my own saves. I can’t guarantee that it’ll work for every team out there, so please don’t take everything it says as gospel.

How to Install the Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet

1) Import the FFMAnalysis view into Football Manager by going to Custom > Import View > FFM Attribute Analysis 2023.fmf

2) Press CTRL + P and save the webpage in your preferred location

3) Open the FFMAttributeAnalysis 2023 spreadsheet and the webpage in Excel

4) Highlight all the player data (everything except the top row and SIGames link) and press CTRL + C

5) Head back to the FFMAttributeAnalysis 2023 spreadsheet and select cell B4 on the ‘Base’ sheet

6) Press CTRL + Alt + P, then select the ‘Values’ option

That’s it! Your spreadsheet is now set up and ready to analyse player attributes to help you win matches in Football Manager. Keep in mind that these results are based on my own experience, so they may not work for every team. But hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet: Features and Benefits

Check out these amazing features of the FFM Football Manager Attribute Spreadsheet after you follow the easy installation guide

Player Overview

Simply type in the player’s name or choose from the drop-down menu, and get the most important data from every sheet in one place. Attributes with scores of 16+ will be highlighted in green, while those with 11-15 scores will be highlighted in blue. On the right side of the sheet, you can see any roles rated over the percentage you choose on the Overall Roles tab.

Football Manager attribute spreadsheet

Overall Rating

View every player and every role in one place, with a rating based on their suitability for the position.

  • If the player is a natural in that position, they’ll receive a bonus rating.
  • The yellow cell can be edited to any percentage based on your required levels, and matching ratings will be highlighted in green.
Football Manager attribute spreadsheet
As an example, I find 70% is a good level for high-quality teams playing in Europe
  • The row to the right of the yellow cell shows how many squad members are above your chosen percentage, so you can see where you have the best depth for that role.
  • The column below the yellow cell shows how versatile a particular player is and how many roles they can comfortably play based on your percentage.

Top Rated by Role

Get an ‘at a glance’ view of the top 5 players for each role, separated into sections based on the positional areas.

Football Manager attribute spreadsheet

Overall Positions

This sheet takes an average calculation of each role combined with their foot strength and best position, and further breaks it down by position on the pitch. The percentage is set up in the same way as on the Overall Roles sheet..

Top Rated by Position

Check out another ‘at a glance’ view of the top 5 players, this time for each position.

Download the Spreadsheet for Enhanced Gameplay

Get your hands on the Attribute Spreadsheet by downloading the zip file which also includes four different views:

  • Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Squad View
  • Search View
  • Scouted View
  • Shortlist View


{This spreadsheet is in no way affiliated with Football Manager)

Football Manager Attribute Analysis Spreadsheet

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